What are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Upholstery Fabric?

What are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Upholstery Fabric?

About Upholstery

Upholstery is a highly skilled trade that comprises the crafting and restoration of beautiful furniture with excellent elements such as diamond tufting, top stitching, channels, webbing, coil springs, “ultra-cell” foam, and padding.

Upholsterers may choose designer brand materials or leather for high-end products. Upholsterers still employ some of the same materials as their forefathers, including leather, vinyl, linen, and coil springs.

What are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Upholstery Fabric?

Pros of Vinyl Upholstery Fabric?

  1. Vinyl is quite durable:

Vinyl is known for its durability and strength. It doesn’t easily tear when used, even if it is cut by a sharp object. The material is a great choice for busy families with children and pets as it doesn’t easily show wear and tear.

The durability of the material can rival that of more expensive fabrics, such as leather, but since it is synthetic , it comes at a more reasonable price.

  1. It is easy to maintain:

The maintenance on vinyl is quite minimal if it doesn’t require any upkeep at all. Since the material does not easily tear or scuff, no upholstery tools are necessary for cleanup. If there is a spill, any cleaning solution will do the trick to wipe away any dirt or oil that might be present on the fabric.

It is also great that vinyl doesn’t need to be dry cleaned. You can simply wash the upholstery in the washing machine if it needs to be cleaned.

  1. Vinyl is available in a wide variety of colors and textures :

Vinyl has a variety of colors and textures to choose from. You can find vinyl in a wide range of colors, including whites and blacks, as well as different shades of beige and brown. You can even get it in marbled patterns or faux marble textures.

You can also get it in various finishes like waffled, scalloped, or patterned to make the fabric look like leather.

  1. Vinyl is easy to work with :

Vinyl upholstery fabric is easy to work with because it can be cut and sewn in a variety of ways. You can get vinyl in rolls that are sold by the yard, or you can purchase it by the roll and have your custom-made furniture pattern cut so that it can be sewn right into the piece.

  1. Vinyl is much cheaper than other upholstery:

Unlike leather and other fabric materials, vinyl can rarely be found in natural colors or textures. You can buy vinyl in a wide range of colors and patterns for less than half the price you will pay for the same amount of natural leather.

  1. Vinyl is relatively affordable:

Vinyl is much more affordable than other options that are available. You can purchase a large amount of fabric for a small price, or you can find smaller amounts of fabric in various finishes and textures at low prices as well.

If you want only a few pieces of furniture to be reupholstered, you can purchase only the amount of vinyl needed for the job. Professional upholstering services are also less expensive when working with vinyl, since it doesn’t take long to complete and it comes at such low prices.

Cons of Vinyl Upholstery Fabric:

  1. Vinyl can be stiff and inflexible:

Vinyl can be a bit stiff so that it feels firmer than other upholstery options. Marrying two pieces of vinyl to each other can also be a bit difficult, since the material doesn’t easily slip and slide across itself.

  1. Vinyl is not all-purpose:

Vinyl is either fabric or vinyl and not both, so it cannot be used for things like pillows or draperies. Instead, you will need to purchase other materials if you want to complete these projects with vinyl.

  1. Vinyl can be difficult to clean:

Vinyl can also be a bit prone to getting dirty over time. So if you re-upholster your furniture frequently, you might have to do a more thorough cleaning of the furniture periodically.

  1. Vinyl may not match well with other materials:

The color and texture of vinyl is not the same as wood or leather and may not go well with other materials that are being incorporated into the sofa or chair set. The different colors and textures can also make it difficult to achieve a matching look.

  1. Vinyl is not always breathable:

Vinyl upholstery fabric is not always considered to be breathable. While there are some more breathable options on the market, they are usually more expensive choices.  This makes it a poor choice for furniture that will be used in hot weather climates.

  1. Vinyl is a magnet for dust and dirt:

Vinyl upholstery is prone to collecting dust and dirt over time. If there is a lot of dust and dirt on the sofa or chair, you will have to do a thorough cleaning in order for it to look good. This makes it a high-maintenance fabric choice.

  1. Vinyl can be scratchy:

Vinyl can be made of fabric that has a texture that is quite smooth and soft but not quite as soft as leather or suede. The fabric can be quite rough and stiff, and when it is rubbed against the skin, a person may have some discomfort from the scratchy texture.

  1. Vinyl can be difficult to clean:

If you have upholstered furniture that has been covered in a pattern, or if there are any stains from spills or food crumbs, you will have to undertake more work to clean it. Vinyl is a difficult material to clean, so you will have to get rid of any stains or spills as soon as they happen.

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