What Are The Types Of Skirtings?

What Are The Types Of Skirtings?

What Are The Types Of Skirtings?

Skirtings are an important part of any home decor, as they protect the walls from dents and scratches caused by furniture.

There are several types of skirtings available, with characteristics such as size and material varying greatly between them.

  • Bullnose skirting is one of the most popular types and it has a curved edge which gives a soft look to the wall.
  • Perfectly flat skirtings have no curves at all and they can provide a sleek finish. Ogee skirting gives an ornamental look, with its curved outline resembling an ‘S’ shape.
  • Laminate floorboards add texture to the room while timber floors offer a traditional, natural look; both come in various designs, such as plain or bevelled edges.
  • Finally, architrave skirtings are wider than other options and provide extra protection against knocks and bumps from furniture or heavy footfall.

What Type Of Skirting Is Best?

The type of skirting that is best for a particular space depends largely on the needs and preferences of the user.

Generally, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) skirting is the most popular option due to its affordability, durability and low maintenance requirements.

It also comes in a range of colors and sizes to match any décor. Another popular option is vinyl skirting which provides more options when it comes to style and color since there are more colors available than with PVC skirting.

However, this option is also more expensive and may require more maintenance compared to PVC skirting.

For an even more stylish look, metal skirting can be used which typically gives off a modern vibe due to its sleek design; however, it tends to be the most expensive out of all three types mentioned here and may require additional upkeep over time.

What Are The Different Types Of Skirting Board Materials?

Skirting boards provide a protective and decorative barrier between floor and wall, as well as helping to frame the room.

There are several different types of material to choose from when selecting skirting boards including MDF Skirting Board, Solid Timber Skirting Boards, Plastic Skirting Boards, Laminate Skirting Board and Chrome Plated Skirting Board. MDF is a cost effective option that is pre-primed making it easy to paint and install while solid timber options can be more expensive but offer more intricate detailing than other materials.

Plastic skirting boards come in various shapes, sizes and colours with some being waterproof making them ideal for use in bathrooms or kitchens.

Laminate skirting board gives off the look of wood without needing regular maintenance that real wood needs, while chrome plated skirting provides a sleek modern finish which will stand out against any décor.

What Is HDF Skirting?

HDF skirting is an advanced form of skirting board made from high-density fiberboard material.

This type of skirting board offers many benefits over other traditional options, such as being more resistant to moisture, being easy to install and maintain, and having a much longer lifespan than others.

HDF skirting can also come in a variety of colors to suit any decor style and allows for creative designs with beading or accent tiles.

Additionally, this type of product offers increased durability and heat resistance along with soundproofing qualities making it ideal for use in any environment.

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