What Can Cause A Metal Roof To Leak?

What Can Cause A Metal Roof To Leak?

What Can Cause A Metal Roof To Leak?

Metal roofs can leak for a variety of reasons, such as improper installation, damage, or corrosion. The most common reason a metal roof leaks is when there is a faulty installation, damage from a storm or hurricane, or rust. 

Here are some of the causes: Surface rust, Deflection, Movement, Incompatible materials, Punctures, Fastener issues, Open laps, and Missing parts.

  1. Surface rust- A rusty metal roof does not always imply it is leaking, but rust can strip the covering if left neglected, producing holes or scaling. The surface rust will start at the top but can work its way down.
  2. Deflection- is when the roof bows up in the middle from wind loads or improper installation. This can cause water to run to the sides and create a run-off groove on the top of the panels.
  3. Movement- Movement could be caused by improper installation or a lack of support. For example, expandable metal panels have no support in between posts, so water will pool and cause leaks if deflection or movement.
  4. Incompatible Materials- This is a relatively rare occurrence, but it can happen. If the metal panels are incompatible with the roofing, they will not seal properly.
  5. Punctures- Punctures in metal roofs can be caused by construction bits, nails, or other items that penetrate the roof and create holes in the covering.

If a puncture or hole is present on the paneling and it leaks, it will appear to be a crisscross pattern of holes throughout your roof paneling.

  1. Fastener Issues- Fasteners are what hold down your panels to your foundation and keep them in place! Sometimes fasteners have been used improperly or do not hold up properly. This will cause your panels to loosen and leak.
  2. Open Laps- When installing metal roofing, there will be a pattern called a run. This makes it very easy for water to get under the roof and create leaks. If there is an open run on your metal roofing, there will be holes in your panels, and you may need to replace them!
  3. Missing Parts- Sometimes things happen! Sometimes panels are difficult to install, some do not fit properly, or sometimes more than one panel has missing parts! This creates problems that allow water to get through the metal roofing, creating leaks.
  4. Incorrect Waterproofing- If you are installing a new metal roof or repairing an old one, it is very important to use the correct waterproofing for your application. It is almost impossible to waterproof a metal roof incorrectly since there are so few ways to do it!
  5. Surface Cleaning- The best way to clean a metal roof is with a pressure washer and detergent soap. First, using your pressure washer, spray off the dirt on the surface of your panels from top to bottom and from left to right.

Next, use warm water and a little detergent soap in your pressure washer tank (one cap full of detergent should be enough).

What Can I Do With My Old Metal Roof?

You can reuse your old metal roof. Creative ways to reuse old Metal Roof material are Yard art, Magnetic board, and Wall art.

  1. Yard Art. Create yard art from metal roofing to add a distinctive aspect to your landscape. It not only looks great but provides an interesting accent to your yard!
  2. Magnetic Board. Create a magnetic board using the magnetic property of a metal roof. Use them as room decorations, chalkboards, or just plain fun.
  3. Wall art. Instead of buying a new metal roof wall art item, you can use your old one! This way, you have a one-of-a-kind piece that you made yourself and is completely unique! Protect your walls using any methods above (pressure washer, detergent soap, and warm water or painting).

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