What Causes Concrete To Change Colour?

What Causes Concrete To Change Colour?

What Causes Concrete To Change Colour?

A number of causes lead to concrete discolouration. The most common causes of concrete color change include calcium chloride, water, installation methods, and the overall composition of your concrete.

A low water-to-cement ratio influences cement hydration, resulting in a darker hue. Throwing concrete surfaces too soon raises the water-to-cement ratio at the surface, lightening the color.

Inconsistency in the mix can cause a broad range of color discolorations depending on what’s in the mix and how much there is.

When and how much water you add, as well as calcium, might cause color difficulties. Colours like blue, green, and even yellow are frequently produced by sulfur interacting with other compounds found in the cement.

Knowing what causes color changes in concrete helps you to take preventative measures. If discoloration occurs, there are actions you may do to restore a more uniform colour.

Concrete construction may provide a stunning finishing touch to your property while improving its value.

Concrete is used in many modern homes as a driveway, walkway, and wall finish. However, when concrete changes color and is no longer homogeneous, it can appear awful.

How To Repair Discoloured Concrete?

Unfortunately, most concrete staining is irreversible. However, there are a few instances when you can improve things.

If the discolouration is caused by calcium chloride, a little elbow grease may be required. First, use soap and hot water.

Allow the concrete to dry after properly scrubbing it. If no improvement is shown, you can try something more powerful.

A diluted hydrochloric acid solution might be utilized. Wet the concrete before applying the acid, and then scrape the acid into it to remove the stain. When you’re finished, rinse the concrete with hot water.

Try using store-bought cleansers. They won’t fully remove the discolouration, but they will assist to balance things out.

Colourizing the concrete is another option. A concrete stain may be purchased at any Home Depot or online.

They are available in a range of colors and are simple to apply. However, they do not appear to be actual concrete.

Do not pour another layer of concrete on top of the first. Cracks are usually the result of this.

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