What Does Downspout Mean In Construction?

What Does Downspout Mean In Construction?

What Does Downspout Mean In Construction?

A downspout is a pipe attached to the side of a building, through which rainwater flows from the roof into a drain.

It is typically vertical and extends down to the ground, where it may be connected to piping that carries the water away from the foundation of the building.

Downspouts are usually spaced along gutters every 20-50 feet in order to conduct as much water away during peak rainstorms as possible.

They may also be connected to an underground catchment system or storm sewer located at least 10 feet from the foundation.

How Is A Downspout Installed?

  • To install a downspout, you will need to assemble the gutter and downspouts by cutting the materials to length.
  • The parts are joined by fitting the larger end of one over the smaller end of the other. Once assembled, fasten the downspouts snugly against the wall with two flexible aluminum downspout bands per 10-foot section using nails or screws.
  • Next, apply silicone sealant one inch from the edge of the downspout outlet’s outside perimeter and attach a section of the downspout from the dropout using two pop rivets on each side. Make sure to orient successive pieces so that the crimped end is facing up.
  • Finally, locate downspouts in unobstructed areas where water can be directed away from the house and avoid locations with obstacles like electric meters, hose bibs or sidewalks.
  • Slope long gutter runs (40 feet or more) down both directions from the middle and put a downspout on each end.
  • Install a diverter in the downspout, positioning it even with the top of pavers set directly below it.

What Materials Are Needed For Downspout Installation?

The materials needed for downspout installation include a hacksaw, gutter crimper, aluminum or steel downspout, 1 or more elbows, downspout screws, power drill, work gloves, spray paint that matches the gutter color, gutters and accessories (enough square footage to complete the project), hole saw, downspout brackets and outlets.

Additionally, it is important to wear protective gear such as safety glasses and gloves when installing a downspout.

What Are The Types Of Downspouts?

There are three main types of downspouts: K-Style, Round, and Rectangular. K-Style downspouts have a shape resembling the letter K when viewed from the side and are popular for their versatility in fitting with any home design.

Round downspouts come in both corrugated and smooth styles, and can be made of steel or copper.

Rectangle downspouts, also known as box gutters, are shaped like a rectangular box and come in various shapes and sizes. They are the second most common type of downspout seen in homes.

What Are Downspout Drainage Systems?

Downspout drainage systems are a great addition to any home’s drainage solutions system, as they help channel water away from the foundation of the house.

Downspouts are typically found on the corner of a home or building and connect to gutters.

There are several different downspout drainage options available, such as pop-up emitters, rain barrel downspouts, and sump pumps.

Downspout drain lines are an important part of a comprehensive PVC drainage system, as they collect and remove roof drainage away from the home’s foundation.

They require zero maintenance and have a life expectancy of around 100 years when installed properly.

Other gutter and downspout corrections that can enhance these systems include installing gutter guards, regular maintenance and cleaning, downspout extensions, splash blocks at the end of downspouts, and improving yard grading to direct water away from the house.

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