What Does Endless Pool in Real Estate?

What Does Endless Pool in Real Estate?

What Does Endless Pool in Real Estate?

An endless pool is a small swimming pool designed to provide aquatic exercise to people with limited available space. It is sometimes referred to as a treadmill for swimmers.

The pool provides a constant adjustable current for the swimmer to swim against, creating a water workout that can be used by resistance workout or a gentle swim, depending on the need.

Endless Pools have high-volume propeller systems that create broad, deep, non-turbulent swim currents.

The Endless Pools Systems’ swim current is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. Current speed is fully adjustable, giving swimmers full power over their swimming sessions.

Endless Pools Systems have advanced pool current generators, creating a current that remains unmatchable by industry competitors.

Endless Pools are ideal for people of all ages and lifestyles. They are designed for stationary swimming using a propulsive current. They allow you to swim “endlessly” without ever doing a turn.

An Endless Pool takes up much less space, is simpler to install (particularly indoors), is easier to maintain and is more economical to run than a traditional lap pool.

When you have an endless pool in your backyard or in your house, you also eliminate travel time required to get to a lap pool or lake.

Endless Pools has numerous designs from modular exercise pools to acrylic swim spas suited for various styles and budgets. An Endless Pool can be finished in various materials and styles that complement your home, backyard and lifestyle.

SwimEx offers paddlewheel technology that beats the propeller technology of an Endless Pool. SwimEx paddlewheel results in wider and deeper currents than an Endless Pool.

In addition, the current in a SwimEx pool has 99 speed settings and moves up to 25,000 gallons per minute in smooth river-like flow compared with an Endless Pool which only moves up to 5,000 gallons per minute [5].

Endless Pool Vs Traditional Pool

Endless Pools and traditional inground pools both offer a variety of benefits for families looking to enjoy the water.

Endless Pools are more versatile, as they can be used year-round and come with a variety of features such as swim machines, treadmills, and jetted seating areas. Inground pools are larger and can accommodate more people for pool parties.

Additionally, inground pools offer more customization options in terms of shape, size, depth, and swimming experience.

In terms of cost, an Endless Pool requires less water to fill than an inground pool and uses fewer chemicals to keep the water clean.

It is also generally less expensive to heat an Endless Pool than an inground pool, although this depends on the size. Both types of pools offer low-impact exercise options in the natural buoyancy of the water.

Overall, it is difficult to compare costs across the board due to the wide range of options available for inground pools, but both types of pools have their own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when making a decision.

How To Install An Endless Pool?

Installing an Endless Pool requires a solid, level floor or concrete pad capable of supporting up to 250-lbs./sq.ft.[4]. The pool can be installed above-ground, partially in-ground, or completely in-ground.

If the pool is placed above the ground floor, a professional engineer must review the upper-floor room to ensure it has the structural integrity to support the weight.

The installation process includes bolting together panels where necessary, installing rigid foam insulation, standing and connecting walls, and ensuring all electrical breakers are correctly wired. The liner hanger is then installed on the pool panels and all interior seams are sealed.

Finally, the Water Quality System is typically installed at the front of the pool and the Hydraulic Power Unit can be located next to the pool or up to 75′ away.

Overall, installing an Endless Pool takes approximately one day if there is no additional site work required.

How To Maintain An Endless Pool?

Endless Pools require very little maintenance compared to traditional pools. On average, a few minutes each week is enough to test the water and add some regular household bleach.

The Endless Pool cartridge filter needs to be replaced every three to six months, depending upon pool use.

The inexpensive mineral cartridges used to kill bacteria and other contaminants also need to be replaced every three to six months.

Humidity is always a concern when you bring a body of water indoors. Because the Endless Pool is small in size, it is easy to control humidity by keeping the pool covered when not in use. A floating blanket, which can control about 90% of the humidity, is included as standard equipment.

To maintain an Endless Pool, check the chlorine level in your pool after each use. Chlorine levels are adjusted by adding regular, unscented chlorine bleach directly to your pool’s water. Take care that you don’t add your chemicals to any of the internal pool mechanisms as this can damage them.

Brushing your pool regularly will also help promote a healthy swimming environment by mixing up water and helping your filter do its job.

You will most likely only need to clean your pool filter every two months unless your family is very active or you are in love with your pool.

Proper maintenance of an Endless Pool ensures that it lasts for many years and remains healthy for swimming. Neglecting regular maintenance visits could cause the water quality system to become out of balance and affect all other chemicals’ effectiveness and how they react with one another.

Without proper maintenance, you’ll be subjecting your pool, liner, equipment (pool pumps, hydraulic motor, and heater), and air handling equipment in your pool room to unnecessary stress.

Maintaining proper water chemistry not only makes your pool healthier but also keeps the water looking great – sparkling and crystal clear.

What Are The Benefits Of An Endless Pool?

An Endless Pool is a brand of swim spa that is designed to be like an aquatic treadmill, allowing users to swim in place.

These pools are much smaller than traditional swimming pools, making them ideal for those who don’t have the space or desire for a full-size pool.

Endless Pools offer numerous benefits, including providing a full swim experience without a full-size pool, excellent water exercise for all abilities, simpler maintenance, and environmental friendliness.

Endless Pools are great for aquatic exercise and can help improve endurance and coordination. They are also beneficial for rehabilitation and therapy due to their low-impact workout capabilities.

Additionally, swimming in an Endless Pool can increase body awareness and allow coaches to provide immediate feedback and instruction.

Finally, swimming in an Endless Pool can reduce stress by releasing endorphins into the body and providing sensory deprivation.


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