What Does Master Key System Mean In Construction?

What Does Master Key System Mean In Construction?

What Does Master Key System Mean In Construction?

A master key system in construction refers to a type of keying system where there is one key that can open all the locks in a building or development.

This key is usually only held by the owners or managers of the property, and it gives them total access to all areas.

A master key system can be very useful in construction settings where there are multiple workers with different keys for different areas.

This way, the owners or managers can easily move around the construction site and have access to all areas without having to carry multiple keys.

The master key system schematic is a blueprint for building security, translating a vision to both allow and restrict access. It helps maintain control over the property by allowing certain keys to open certain locks.

The master key is also referred to as a “construction key” and is normally used by the builder’s personnel during construction. Bitting refers to the number(s) that represent the depths of each cut on a lock cylinder in a master key system

Can A Master Key Open Any Door?

A master key is a key that can open any door. Master keys are usually used by custodians, janitors, landlords, and other people who need to be able to enter any room in a building.

The owner of a master key can make copies of the key and give them to trusted people.

Can You Copy A Master Key?

It’s impossible to copy a master key unless you have the original. Master keys are cut to such precise specifications that even the slightest variation will render the copy useless.

For example, a copied key might fit into the lock cylinder but not turn it, or it might turn the cylinder but not engage all of the pins.

If you need a replacement master key, your best bet is to contact the locksmith who originally made your keys.

What Happens When You Lose A Master Key?

InstaKey offers an affordable solution for educational campuses in the event of a lost Master key.

By using rekeyable lock cylinders, the InstaKey Key Control Program allows for easy and quick rekeying of all locks within the system at the Master level only.

This means that only the Master keys need to be changed, resulting in significant cost savings compared to standard key systems.

The program provides a meaningful return on investment by reducing labor and material costs associated with lost Master keys.

What Is The Level Of Control In The Master Keying Plan?

Clear and well-defined structures are necessary within large organizations. Senior managers and department heads may require unrestricted access to large areas of the building, while middle-level management and small teams need access to only their designated areas.

Employees at the lower level need access only to their specific office or working area.

A typical GMK system has three levels: The grand master key (GMK) can unlock all cylinders on all sites, while the master key (MK) can unlock all cylinders within a specific building on the site.

Sub-master keys (SMK) unlock specific departments or areas within one of the buildings. In addition, each cylinder has its own differ key for use by the person who works in that particular room or office.

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