What Does Picture Window Mean In Construction?

What Does Picture Window Mean In Construction?

What Does Picture Window Mean In Construction?

Picture windows are large, stationary windows that provide a clear, unobstructed view of the outside. They are designed to serve as a frame for the view, whether it be a stunning mountain range, a picturesque forest, a tranquil river, or the ocean.

Picture windows are a great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into any room.

When it comes to installing picture windows, homeowners have a range of options to choose from. For older homes, replacing an outdated window with a picture window can add a modern touch to the room.

To ensure air flow, some homeowners choose to install other types of windows on either side of the picture window.

When selecting a picture window, it’s important to consider the style and size of your home. Picture windows come in a variety of materials, designs, and colors so you can choose the perfect fit for your home.

Glass options include tints in green, blue, grey or even bronze and you can opt for tempered or privacy glass. Additionally, there are many choices for the frame, including interior and exterior trims in various colors and widths, so you can customize your picture window to match the view on display.

Where Is A Picture Window Best Used In A Home?

Picture windows are versatile and suit both traditional and modern homes due to their simple design. They are ideal for homes in the countryside or coastal areas as they allow for maximum views of the outdoors.

Picture windows can be made in various shapes, sizes and structures because they are made of structural glass which offers no limitations.

In urban homes, picture windows are commonly found in open-plan living spaces and kitchens as they provide a view of the garden and bring in natural light.

For a stunning appearance a frameless glass-to-glass corner with a 90-degree view provides panoramic views while a picture window with a window seat is a popular option for some homeowners.

What Sizes Do Picture Windows Come In?

Picture windows are not typically found in standard sizes as they are usually custom made to meet specific requirements. Instead of being sold pre-made, they are manufactured to order according to the customer’s specifications.

Picture windows can be manufactured in large sizes, with frames exceeding 8 square meters, although they are more commonly designed in 2 to 4 square meter apertures.

There is no limit to the maximum size of picture windows, as the design allows for the combination of multiple glass panes using structural silicone to create an oversized finish while still preserving its frameless look.

How Efficient are Picture Windows?

Picture windows are large expanses of glass that are typically energy efficient by design. They have impressive U values because they are fixed and sealed within the frame.

Triple glazing provides better thermal performance, but it increases the weight of the sealed glass unit, meaning that it might not be possible to go for the largest sizes.

Advantages Of Picture Windows

Picture windows come with several benefits. A few of these advantages include:

Natural Beauty: Picture windows provide a clear view of the outside, allowing you to frame your favorite view and make it feel like a part of the room.

Low Maintenance: They are typically cheaper to maintain than standard windows as they don’t have moving parts that can break and need to be replaced.

Energy Efficiency: Picture windows can help with insulation and weatherproofing as they are very energy efficient. They bring in more sunshine during the winter providing an additional source of free heating and preventing heat loss.

Natural Lighting: Made with a lot of glass, picture windows allow for plenty of natural light to enter your home reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Allergen Protection: Picture windows not only bring in sunlight but also keep out allergens making them a great option for those with allergies.

Disadvantages Of Picture Windows

The main drawbacks of picture windows are a lack of ventilation and the potential for breakage. Picture windows can also let in a lot of heat making them less energy-efficient than other types of windows.

Finally, cleaning picture windows from the outside can be difficult, especially if they’re located in an upper story of the house and are hard to reach.


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