What Does Storm Sash Mean In Construction?

What Does Storm Sash Mean In Construction?

What Does Storm Sash Mean In Construction?

Storm sash in construction refers to a removable window covering installed on the outside of windows for protection from wind and rain, or simply to reduce heat loss in the winter months.

They are typically made out of heavy materials such as steel, aluminum, vinyl, or thermoplastic. They are designed to be opened and closed easily and are available in a variety of styles including single hung, double hung, sliding, casement windows and more.

Storm sashes offer superior protection against water damage caused by strong winds and rain which can lead to mold growth if not taken care of appropriately.

Additionally, they help insulate the home while eliminating drafts during cold seasons.

What Does The Window Sash Do?

A window sash is part of a window’s construction that holds the glass in place and provides stability. Additionally, it ensures that the window is airtight to prevent air leaks or drafts from entering.

The sash is made up of numerous components including compression seals, weatherstripping, sash weights, and locking mechanisms which all work together to keep the window secure and airtight.

Additionally, having an airtight seal also helps to improve energy efficiency when closing or opening a window.

What Are The Types Of Sash?

Sash windows come in three main types: two-track, triple-track and two-track slider. The two-track (double-track) type is the most popular option and usually features two panes of glass and a screen.

Triple-track sash windows consist of three panels that slide independently allowing for maximum ventilation.

Lastly, the two-track slider style has one moveable pane that slides horizontally to open or close the window.

Basement modifications are also available for some sash window styles to allow them to be installed in basements or other low-lying areas without compromising their functionality.

What Is The Benefit Of Storm Windows?

Storm windows offer a wide range of benefits that can help save energy, reduce noise and increase the comfort of your home.

By adding an additional layer of glass or polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) to existing window openings, storm windows create a thermal break that helps to prevent air from entering or leaving the home through gaps in standard single-pane glass windows.

This significantly reduces drafts, helping households save money on energy bills and maintaining desired temperatures within the home throughout all seasons.

The same principles used in storm windows also reduce sound transmission both into and out of the home, creating a more peaceful environment.

Storm windows are an economical option when compared to upgrading to double-pane windows as they provide similar benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Why Are They Called Storm Windows?

Storm windows got their name due to the fact that they provide extra protection from strong winds and bad weather.

They are installed on the outside of the primary house windows, providing additional insulation and shielding them against all kinds of elements including heavy rains, snow, subzero temperatures, and high winds.

Because their purpose is largely focused on protection during storms (and other extreme weather conditions), they earned their name.

The more storm windows you install in your home, the better your primary window’s security against harsh weather conditions.

Can A Storm Window Stop A Bullet?

No, a storm window cannot stop a bullet as they are made of thin glass treated with a laminate that prevents it from breaking but does not serve the purpose of stopping bullets.

Storm windows, also known as impact or hurricane windows, have been designed mainly to protect against flying debris caused by strong winds during storms and not to act as a shielding material against projectiles.

Therefore, even though storm windows can provide homeowners with additional protection against strong winds, they are ineffective in providing security against armed intruders.

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