What Does The Term Journeyman Mean In Construction?

What Does The Term Journeyman Mean In Construction?

What Does The Term Journeyman Mean In Construction?

A journeyman in construction is an accomplished and skilled craftsman within any of the labor disciplines, such as carpentry, plumbing, or electrical work.

After completing the apprenticeship program within their trade, journeymen are considered to be the most knowledgeable workers and are essential for guiding apprentices in the same craft.

As they gain more experience, many journeymen become foremen or supervisors who direct construction projects. Journeymen form a crucial part of every project team and their hard work helps bring each project to successful completion.

Why Do They Call It A Journeyman?

Journeyman is a term that originates from the medieval trade guilds with journeymen being paid daily.

The word “journey” itself comes from the French word ‘journée’ meaning “whole day”. In most of these trade guilds there were three categories of workers: apprentices, journeymen and masters.

Journeymen were required to have several years of experience, proving their knowledge and skill in the craft. They had already completed an apprenticeship and could work for different employers on different projects, thus ‘travelling’ between workplaces.

As such, they became known as journeymen, implying a sense of travel or movement through the professional world.

What Is An Example Of A Journeyman?

A journeyman electrician is a tradesperson who has completed an apprenticeship, gained field experience and passed relevant tests to become a certified electrician.

They typically have advanced knowledge of electrical systems and construction techniques, enabling them to work independently while following industry standards and acquiring additional skills on the job.

They may be employed by contractors or work as independent contractors themselves, depending on their level of experience.

Journeyman electricians often take responsibility for projects from start to finish, including planning, installation, testing and troubleshooting electrical systems.

What Is The Difference Between An Apprentice And A Journeyman?

Apprentices are new workers, typically fresh out of school, who have limited experience and knowledge of a particular trade. They require guidance and training to learn their craft and develop their skills, which is provided by experienced workers known as journey-levels.

Journey-level workers are more experienced than apprentices; they possess the necessary technical knowledge and proficiency required for higher-level work and can work with minimal supervision.

As such, they often serve as mentors to apprentices and provide on-the-job training for them. Additionally, journeymen may be required to pass tests or obtain certifications in order to achieve their skilled status.

Conversely, apprentices usually lack relevant certification and do not hold the same degree of responsibility as journeymen.

What Is The Difference Between A Journeyman And A Lineman?

A journeyman is a skilled technician or tradesperson who is fully trained in their field, while a lineman is an apprentice who is learning the ropes of the trade.

Journeymen have typically undergone extensive training and apprenticeship to master their craft, whereas linemen are still gaining experience and honing their skills.

The terms are often used interchangeably or together to refer to the same position in many contexts; however, there is an important distinction between these two titles.


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