What Is A Bollard In Construction?

What Is A Bollard In Construction?

What Is A Bollard In Construction?

A bollard in construction is a post or other vertical structure designed to stop vehicles and pedestrians from entering an area.

Often made of concrete, steel, iron, or stone, bollards are typically used to protect buildings or people from potential collisions with cars, trucks, and other large objects.

Additionally, some bollards are used for decorative purpose such as lighting fixtures. They can also be used to secure parking areas or pathways by blocking off sections that prohibit vehicle access.

What Are The Types Of Bollards?

Bollards are stout posts made of steel, concrete, plastic or wood that provide a physical barrier to protect people and property from vehicle movement.

There are four main types of bollards: security bollards, decorative bollards, traffic-calming bollards and parking lot/curb-line bollards.

  • Security bollards provide additional protection against hostile vehicles by forming an additional barrier between pedestrians and the roadway.
  • Decorative bollards can add an aesthetic touch to a space and be used for architectural or landscaping design elements.
  • Traffic-calming bollards reduce auto speeds on streets and pedestrian walkways by acting as visual cues that cars should slow down in certain areas.
  • Parking lot/curb-line bollards can help mark the location of parking spaces, fire lanes, curbs or other features.

What Do Safety Bollards Do?

Safety bollards are an important part of protecting people and property from unauthorized vehicles or hostile forces.

They are hard posts that are placed in strategic locations around a property to prevent unauthorised access and provide physical protections for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and buildings.

Safety bollards can also be used to direct traffic away from sensitive areas or protect walkways and parking lots from vehicle intrusion.

Their substantial steel construction helps protect against accidents, vandalism, theft, terrorism and other malicious activities. Bollards play a crucial role in ensuring both security and safety on any premises.

What Is A Concrete Bollard?

A concrete bollard is a short, heavy vertical post typically made of steel-reinforced concrete.

It can be used to control or direct road traffic, restrict pedestrian access to specific areas, or provide security protection for valuable property.

Bollards are often used as an alternative to installing metal fences or other barriers and can be found in streetscapes and pathways.

They are available in a variety of sizes and colors, depending on their purpose and application.

Concrete bollards are known for their durability and low maintenance requirements, making them an excellent choice for long-term applications.

What Shape Is A Bollard?

A bollard is a short, vertical post that can be used as a barricade or railing to help guide people and vehicles in the right direction.

They are typically made of steel, concrete, plastic, or other materials, and their shape is most often cylindrical with sloping sides and flat tops.

Some may also have decorative features such as scrollwork or designs etched into them. The rounded top helps prevent tripping hazards from occurring near the base.

Bollards are commonly found along sidewalks, streetscapes, roadways, driveways, parking lots, parks and recreational areas.

Where Should Bollards Be Placed?

Bollards should be placed in any areas that need to be blocked off, or where pedestrian and vehicle traffic needs to be separated.

Placement is typically determined by the purpose of the bollards – whether they are there for protection against collision impact, for access control, for crowd control, for security purposes such as fencing off a restricted area, etc.

In areas where vehicle access is allowed but must be controlled – such as in parking lots or driveways – bollards should be installed at regular intervals along the perimeter and between vehicles.

In high-traffic locations like malls and public squares, bollards should also be placed around kiosks, benches and other structures to prevent vehicles from coming too close and creating a hazard.

What Is The Main Difference Between A Bollard And A Barrier?

The main difference between a bollard and a barrier is that a bollard is a single cylindrical post, typically made of metal or concrete, used to provide physical guidance in pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

They are often used to block vehicles from entering restricted areas or for crowd control. On the other hand, barriers are longer structures made up of several posts joined together with metal bars or chains to form fences.

They are generally used to create an enclosure around a certain area such as a construction site or parking lot as well as providing security against unauthorized entry.

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