What Is A Hoist Frame? Use of Hoist in construction

What Is A Hoist Frame? Use of Hoist in construction

What Is A Hoist Frame?

A hoist frame is a type of heavy-duty equipment used to support and enable the movement of a hoist throughout a building.

The frame is typically made of I-beam iron and is suspended from an A-frame structure, providing the necessary strength and support for the hoist to lift and transport heavy loads over long distances.

To further increase the strength and stability of the hoist frame, smaller beams may be placed midway between the legs of the frame running up to the bottom of the cross-frame. The addition of wheels to the bottom of the legs allows for easy movement of the hoist throughout a shop or manufacturing plant.

The hoist frame is commonly used to lift objects that are not situated under a beam or structure capable of supporting the weight of the object. The frame can be placed over the object, and a hoist attached to the cross beam of the frame and then to the object to be lifted.

The use of an A-frame support at each end of the hoist frame increases the lifting capacity of the frame which is typically limited only by the capacity of the hoist used.

Temporary or lightweight hoist frames can also be constructed using wood, with small wooden beams used for the legs and a wide plank for the cross beam. While not as strong as a steel hoist frame, wooden versions are often sufficient for lifting heavy materials into or out of a truck bed.

Many hoist frame designs feature bolted connections, as opposed to welding or nailing, to allow for easy disassembly and storage when not in use. In such designs, the parts may be numbered for quick and efficient reassembly. Some large hoist frame designs incorporate a roller hoist mount, which allows for the movement of the hoist from one side of the frame to the other.

This feature is particularly useful for unloading materials, as it allows the hoist to be pulled to the side and lowered making it easier to place the load beside the truck or trailer from which it was unloaded. The typical hoist frame is also very tall to enable the hoist to be raised high above a truck or trailer bed.

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