What Is A Jabot Window Treatment?

What Is A Jabot Window Treatment?

What Is A Jabot Window Treatment?

A jabot, also known as a tail, is a vertical pleated window treatment that is used with festoons or swags along the top of a window on the inside of a building. Originally a way to increase the natural light coming into a room, the curtains used to be luxurious and full of texture.

In addition, the windows used to be closed from the outside by drapes or blinds, or they were open with shutters. Nowadays, people use them in their homes as a monochromatic window treatment that is relatively simple to install.

They are more common and cheaper than other decorative window treatments because of their versatility. Jabots can be made with a variety of colors, colors that match your interior decorating style. Also, they can be made with patterns and textures to add interest to your room.

Jabots work well in large windows that get lots of sunlight due to the fact that they will add texture and interest while also making them appear more luxurious when used around windows. A cascade can be used with drapes that have a solid color or pattern to achieve a uniform look.

A jabot helps in blocking out direct sunlight and it is a useful tool for those who have issues with light entering their windows. They are used on large windows that are often found in businesses, homes, and hotels. Also, they can be used in conjunction with drapes or blinds to provide extra privacy in your home.

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