What Is A Lambrequin Window Treatment?

What Is A Lambrequin Window Treatment?

What Is A Lambrequin Window Treatment?

A lambrequin is a valance with longer sides that extend further down the window; it is frequently, but not always, a stand-alone feature with no curtains or blinds beneath it. The valance is generally made of fabric or sheer fabric.

It also may be made of ribbon, fabric, or sheer fabric; the thickness of the material is important. The side that extends to the floor does not have to be as wide as those that extend above.

The sides that extend above can be quite wide.

  1. A valance with a fringe: Valances made of sheer fabric with a fringe are one of the most popular choices for lambrequin window treatments. This type of valance is available in several colors and looks best in Victorian or antique-style homes.
  2. A valance with a long panel: You can choose to go for a valance made from sheer fabric or one that is covered with ribbon or lace by going for one with a long panel extending further down the window and another smaller panel at the bottom of your window.

The fabric that is used for the long panel should be thicker than that used for the other panels if you select this option. Lambrequins are a type of window treatment in which the valance is a stand-alone window treatment like draperies or curtains that hangs down from a rod at the top and comes to a point at the bottom.

This type of treatment may be used on windows from the floor up to ceiling height. It is most frequently seen around the focal point of a room. In addition, a lambrequin window treatment can be used to conceal another window treatment or can be used alone as a curtain.

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