What Is A Sleeve Anchor Bolt?

What Is A Sleeve Anchor Bolt?

What Is A Sleeve Anchor Bolt?

A sleeve anchor bolt is a type of anchor bolt used to attach structural and non-structural elements, such as steel plates or stiffeners, to concrete. This type of connection involves transferring different types of load including tension forces and shear forces.

The body of the anchor bolt consists of two parts: an inner metal sleeve and an outer metal sleeve that sandwiches the concrete while fastening it in place with a nut or washer on the threaded end.

Sleeve anchor bolts are available in various sizes, lengths, and levels of corrosion resistance, making them one of the most versatile anchoring solutions for many applications.

Where Are Sleeve Anchors Used?

Sleeve anchors are widely used for fastening purposes where a flush surface and easy installation are needed.

They can be used in concrete, brick, or block base material, and are ideal for light to heavy-duty applications such as securing handrails, guard rails, furniture bases, equipment stands, and many other installations.

Sleeve anchors have a special design allowing them to expand when the bolt head is tightened down and provide a strong hold in the base material. Installation requires only pre-drilled holes slightly larger than the anchor diameter and then anchoring bolts to secure the fixture in place.

Additionally, sleeve anchors are also available in different sizes so that you can find one to suit almost any situation.

What Is The Difference Between A Sleeve Anchor And An Anchor Bolt?

Sleeve anchors and anchor bolts are two very different types of fasteners. A sleeve anchor is a type of threaded fastener that uses a plain bolt or threaded rod to expand the end of the anchor when tightened, creating friction between the base material and the sleeve anchor itself.

This creates secure anchoring, but with lower load strength compared to other types of fasteners.

Anchor bolts on the other hand use a threaded or partially threaded bolt or rod which passes through an opening in the base material and is then secured using nuts and washers with no expansion necessary along the length of the bolt shaft.

The thread provides much stronger anchoring than sleeve anchors as it spreads higher loads over a larger surface area providing superior performance.

How Much Weight Can A Sleeve Anchor Hold?

Sleeve anchors are a medium-duty fastening solution capable of securing up to 200 pounds of weight.

They are easy to install and provide a dependable method for attaching metal, wood, concrete, and masonry materials.

The ultimate load that can be secured by a sleeve anchor depends on the size and type of anchor used as well as the structural integrity of the base material into which it is installed; however, under optimal conditions, 200 pounds is widely accepted as the upper limit for most standard sleeve anchors.

What Is The Strongest Anchor Bolt For Concrete?

Wedge concrete anchors are the strongest type of concrete anchor bolts, making them a great choice for heavier load applications. Not only are they strong and reliable, but they’re also corrosion-resistant and simple to work with.

They are commonly used for heavier loads requiring heavy shear strength, such as anchoring machinery or structural support columns. With their superior strength and dependability, wedge concrete anchors provide an effective and secure solution to many anchoring projects.

How Far Should The Anchor Bolt Stick Out Of The Concrete?

For optimal installation, anchor bolts must extend from the concrete surface at a length that keeps them within ± 1/16 inch of their specified position; however, this tolerance is not realistic and its achievement is unlikely.

According to Suprenant and Malisch, anchor bolts should still be installed as close to their specified locations as possible for compliance with AISC and ACI regulations.

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