What Is A Soldier Course Of Bricks? Purpose Of The Soldier Course Brick?

What Is A Soldier Course Of Bricks? Purpose Of The Soldier Course Brick?

What Is A Soldier Course Of Bricks?

Soldier Courses are a traditional brick-laying technique that involves laying bricks on their end side by side to create horizontal bands around openings and buildings.

This produces a decorative pattern, often used as a finishing detail that is both beautiful and functional; it can provide extra support to the walls and surrounds of an opening while adding an aesthetically pleasing touch.

It is also often used below windows to strengthen the connection of the wall above the window to the ground below. While it requires more skill than standard brick-laying techniques, producing soldier courses adds an elegant touch to any building or structure.

What Is The Purpose Of The Soldier Course Brick?

The purpose of the soldier course brick is to create an aesthetically pleasing, decorative façade. This brick arrangement, with narrow edges facing outwards, is often used around doorways, window openings, and fireplace facings to add interest and visual appeal to a wall or structure.

Using the soldier course brick helps create a unique look that can be tailored to fit a variety of architectural designs.

It can also act as a protective barrier against weather and waves for coastal buildings and provide strength and stability for load-bearing walls in residential and commercial structures.

How Is The Brick Soldier Course Calculated?

The brick soldier course calculation is a simple formula: First, measure the length of the wall or structure in inches, then divide that number by the face width of a soldier brick plus 3/8-inch for the mortar joint.

This calculation will determine how many soldier bricks are needed to complete the course. Keep in mind, though, that it is important to factor in any additional materials such as corner pieces, expansion joints, and so on that may be required for your project.

The total number calculated from this formula should give you a good indication as to how many soldier bricks to use for your project.

How High Is A Soldier Course Brick?

Soldier course bricks are 7 5/8” high and typically used when a visual contrast is desired between the header and stretcher courses.

They cannot be used in conjunction with an oversize brick, which measures 9” high, as the height difference would be too great for them to fit together correctly. Instead, a soldier is placed at its usual height and then covered by a 1” high stretcher course laid above it.

This creates a visually pleasing contrast between the soldier course and the other two layers while also preserving the overall uniformity of shape and size.

How Long Is A Soldier Course?

The soldier course typically consists of two phases: Phase One and Phase Two. The duration of Phase One depends on the age of the applicant, ranging from 14 weeks to six months or 12 months; during this phase, you’ll receive instruction on basic military knowledge and training.

After this is completed successfully, you will move on to Phase Two – the Combat Infantryman’s Course – which lasts 28 weeks with a focus on developing your infantry combat abilities. Both phases combine to make up the full Soldier Course.

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