What Is A Window Sill Stop?

What Is A Window Sill Stop?

What Is A Window Sill Stop?

The wood trim for the left or right-hand operator is provided by this sill stop, which is located on the interior sill. The sill stop is made in two pieces, one for each side. The trim has to be cut to the width of the window frame and then carefully beveled with a chamfer bit on your router.

The two pieces are then glued and fastened together. An advantage of using a sill stop is that it adds strength to the upper window frame, as well as covering up any holes or gaps that you left behind when attaching the top-mount casings to the frame.

You can also use a sill stop to cover up any areas where you don’t want glue sticking out from your trim work. Using a sill stop is also a good way to give your windowsill a uniform look.

A window sill protector is usually made from translucent plastic, although some manufacturers use other materials for this decorative device that fits in the opening above and below your window.

The purpose of the sill protector is to hide ugly jags or protrusions caused by both sides of your casings being cut to their final length the same. Using this type of trim makes the space closer to resembling one piece of wood, so it’s important that it meets your expectations.

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