What Is Infrared Window Film?

What Is Infrared Window Film?

What Is Infrared Window Film?

Infrared window films have an infrared absorbing or reflective ceramic coating that cuts the IR rays that pass through them. Depending on the glass properties and intended function, IR window film suppliers offer a variety of products with solar control and aesthetic benefits.

The coating on the film is made from a highly durable polymer, which bonds quickly and effectively to the glass surface. This makes infrared window films one of the most durable window films on the market.

The infrared absorbing properties of the film will block out over 98% of the heat coming through your windows, which will save you money on your heating and cooling bills. This is also a good option for homeowners that live in an area that has cold winters and hot summers.

During the winter months, this type of film can help keep your home warm and in the summer months, it keeps your home cool, allowing you to reduce the amount of energy you spend each month.

IR window films are available in a range of tints provided by our suppliers, including silvering ITO (Indium Tin Oxide), mirror-like metallic, or custom colors for privacy or decorative applications.

IR window film provides a solution for controlling the heat that comes through your windows and glass doors. It is like having a built-in shade on the windows. The ceramic coating on the film is what absorbs most of the heat that comes through the windows.

IR window film can also be used to keep sunlight from heating up your house too much during hot days or to keep it cool in your house during summer by blocking off some of the sun’s rays.


Is Ceramic Window Film Good?

Yes. Ceramic-coated window films are far superior to regular window films because they are more durable, do not add thermal stress to glass, and effectively block UV rays, glare, and heat. Ceramic tint vs. regular tint summary: Both are constructed of polyester or laminate sheets.

The main difference for ceramic tint is that the film has a coating of white ceramic powder on it. This can be enough to block 95% of UVA and UVB rays from passing through the film.

The other difference is how much glare reduction the film actually has, since regular tint does not reflect light properly, but ceramic-coated tint still blocks about 70% of visible light and about 21% of UVA and UVB rays. Another great option for home solar control. Made from durable polyester material, this film offers 99.

Ceramic window films are one of the most durable window films on the market. When it comes to durability, there are not many films that can hold up compared to ceramic window film. This type of film is a unique and specialist product intended for extreme environmental conditions.

Ceramic films come in a variety of colors and tints, depending on what look you want for your windows. You can get ceramic films that look clear and let in light or ones that offer privacy by making your home appear frosted or dusty.

It also comes in different finishes including high gloss, satin, matt, and more. Be sure to check with your suppliers if you have any questions about the specific ceramic window film you are looking at purchasing.

You may also want to inquire about what types of windows or glass you can introduce the ceramic film too, to see if it will be a good option for you.

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