What Is Salt Finish For Concrete?

What Is Salt Finish For Concrete?

What Is Salt Finish For Concrete?

Salt finish for concrete is a process of creating a rough textured, slip-resistant surface on freshly poured concrete. It entails inserting coarse rock salt crystals into the wet concrete using rollers and then washing them off with streams of water once the concrete has set.

The result is a subtle texture that adds to the aesthetic appeal while also helping to improve traction and skid resistance on plain or colored concrete surfaces.

What Kind Of Salt Do You Use For Salt Finish Concrete?

For creating a salt finish on concrete, coarse rock salt is used. This is the same type of salt that is commonly used for deicing in winter.

After pouring the concrete onto the surface, it should be spread evenly and then the coarse rock salt should be broadcast across it. To complete the process, a roller or float can be used to push the salt further into the concrete and create depressions on its surface.

Salt Finish Concrete Pros?

Salt finish concrete is a popular and inexpensive choice for adding texture to a concrete surface. It has the added benefit of providing better slip resistance than smooth surfaces, making it ideal for use in areas where people may be walking or running.

Additionally, salt finish concrete has the ability to take on colored stains or sealants to make it truly unique. Installation is also quite simple and often much less expensive than other types of decorative finishes.

All these pros make salt finish concrete a great option for creating a unique look without too many time-consuming steps or breaking the bank.

Salt Finish Concrete Cons?

Salt Finish Concrete has many benefits however it does have some cons. It needs to be professionally installed, as incorrect installation can lead the concrete to crack in cold climates.

Salt finish concrete is susceptible to freeze-thaw damage so adequate drainage and sealing must be taken into consideration when installing; proper installation will result in a durable product that can last many years with minimal maintenance.

Why Do You Finish Concrete With Salt?

Salt finishing concrete can provide a concrete surface with a unique texture, skid resistance and subtle colour. The process involves pressing coarse rock salt crystals into the wet concrete with rollers and then washing them off with streams of water once the concrete has set.

This creates an interesting look that is not achievable through any other method and greatly increases the durability of the surface, making it ideal for outdoor surfaces that need to stand up to wear and tear.

Salt finishing is also often chosen because it is low in cost, easy to apply and environmentally friendly.

What Damage Does Salt Do To Concrete?

Salt is one of the most damaging substances when it comes to concrete driveways. Rock salt (sodium chloride) accelerates the deterioration of concrete caused by winter’s freeze-thaw cycles and will result in an overall shorter lifespan of the pavement.

The salt seeps into the concrete, which absorbs water, expands, and eventually breaks apart. Furthermore, salt corrodes metal parts like reinforcement bars and can erode concrete aggregate leaving behind a rough surface or potholes.

This weakened state allows for more moisture absorption from rain, snow, and ice that further exacerbating the damage caused by rock salt.

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