What Is Sidewalk Bridge In Construction?

What Is Sidewalk Bridge In Construction?

What Is Sidewalk Bridge In Construction?

A sidewalk bridge is a temporary structure erected over sidewalks and roadways to allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass safely below while construction or maintenance activities take place above.

Sidewalk bridges can be constructed of steel, timber, aluminum or composite materials, providing a secure and safe access route in busy locations where other options are not available.

They can also be customized with railing systems, netting to catch debris, lighting systems and other features to ensure pedestrian safety.

These structures are cost-effective, introduce no additional disruption in terms of noise or vibration, and are comparatively quick and easy to install onsite.

How Far Must A Sidewalk Bridge Extend Past A Building That Is 125 Ft Tall?

A sidewalk bridge must extend at least 6 feet past a building that is 125 ft tall. This is because, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), sidewalks must have a clear height of 8 feet or higher at all points of passage for people with disabilities.

The 6-foot clearance should also extend at least 5 feet from the face of the building and parallel to it, giving users enough space to cross safely.

Additionally, there should be no obstructions like handrails and guardrails within 33 inches from the ground.

All in all, a sidewalk bridge needs to extend 11 feet past a building that is 125 ft tall in order to adhere to ADA regulations.

How Is A Sidewalk Bridge Constructed?

A sidewalk bridge is essentially a bridge for pedestrians and is commonly used in places where there is no roadway.

The construction of a sidewalk bridge may vary depending on the specific needs of the project, but typically involves preparing the ground surface, installing support structures, constructing the decking or walking surface, and finally applying finishing touches such as railings.

On sloped sites, retaining walls may be necessary to keep the sidewalks level and safe. First, a grilling system is built to provide support and organize the entire sidewalk structure.

Then steel beams are installed on top of this structural frame that supports the weight of pedestrians using it.

Next, concrete decking is placed on top of this structure to form the walkway itself.

Finally guardrails are installed along each side of the bridge for safety along with any signage or other necessary amenities according to applicable regulations.

What Is The Purpose Of Sidewalk Bridge?

The purpose of a sidewalk bridge is to provide a safe passage for pedestrians across roads and highways or other obstacles, such as construction sites or bodies of water.

They are usually constructed from steel beams and metal plates, with plastic or fabric sheets covering the sides to protect pedestrians from wind, rain, and other environmental hazards.

Sidewalk bridges can be designed to match their surroundings, often incorporating special features like tall railing posts, clear sight lines, ramps, stairs, and even artworks.

With the help of these structures, pedestrians can enjoy safe passage while avoiding cars and other vehicles on the road.

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