What Is The Average Cost To Install Window Blinds?

What Is The Average Cost To Install Window Blinds?

What Is The Average Cost To Install Window Blinds?

The average cost to install a window blind for a typical project will cost between $250 and $300 per window, including all products. The cost of installing blinds, shades, or draperies may be higher for highly customized window treatments. Rooms with extremely high or wide windows may also be more expensive than average.

When you add up all of the products needed to install a window blind, it can total between $280 and $400 or more. You should also factor in the cost of some additional tools and materials needed to install blinds and shades such as a tape measure, scissors, scissors or sheers, wire cutters, a ruler, an awl, or a pointy tool for tightening screws and brackets, and vinyl adhesive that allows you to attach surface-mounting blinds.

The most expensive window treatment option is draperies with rails. Therefore, if you choose this type of blind for your windows instead of roller shades, then your total costs will be higher. If you choose blinds with a single vertical rod, then the cost of installing them will be less.

The average cost to install window blinds can vary greatly depending on the size of your project and the materials you use. The costs also depend directly on what type of blind you choose to use and how many windows it will cover.

If you are interested in budgeting the cost of installing window treatments, then ask your contractor what his or her standard pricing is for each option, and then ask if there is a discount for using multiple sizes within the same brand.

Some window treatments are less expensive to install than others. For example, you will pay less if you choose wooden blinds with a bottom rail instead of slats. The Best Window Blinds The first thing you want to consider is whether or not your window treatments need to be durable.

If so, then you should look for a product that is made from wood, metal, or vinyl. Metal blinds are strong and can withstand all sorts of weather. Vinyl blinds are lightweight and tend to stretch a bit less between applications than wooden ones. Vinyl blinds also can last longer than wood and metal versions because they tend to dry out more slowly over time.

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