What Is The Best Solar Roof?

What Is The Best Solar Roof?

What Is The Best Solar Roof?

The best solar roof will depend on the unique needs of your home and the climate in which it is located. Solar roofs come in various shapes, sizes, and styles that best meet the needs of individual homeowners.

Some of the best solar roofs are made by Tesla Solar Roof, Luma Solar Roof Shingles, CertainTeed Solar Roof Shingles, SunTegra Tile Solar Roof, and Timberline Solar™ by GAF Energy.

1. Tesla Solar Roof

The Tesla solar roof is made up of similar monocrystalline solar and non-solar tiles. The tempered glass tiles promise to be “three times stronger than normal roofing tiles,” with a 25-year limited guarantee to back it up.

The ASTM D3161 Class F wind rating of these shingles implies they can resist winds up to 110 mph.

The Tesla solar roof also has a Class A fire rating, indicating that it belongs to conventional combustibles that are least likely to spread fire quickly (similar to standard home-building materials).

2. Luma Solar Roof Shingles.

Luma solar roof is an upgradeable shingle option with an energy consumption monitoring smartphone app. Luma monocrystalline solar shingles can endure extreme winds, even hurricane-force gusts, and have an amazing 80 watts per shingle.

Luma shingles come with a 25-year limited power guarantee, a 5-year limited product warranty, and a hurricane rating of Class 5+. For further information, see the Luma Solar spec sheet.

3. CertainTeed Solar Roof Shingles

CertainTeed solar products are only compatible with asphalt shingled roofs, therefore, owners of wood or metal roofs should search elsewhere.

This solar shingle system is available in 14 all-black monocrystalline cells (70 watts per shingle) and is backed by a standard 25-year limited-power guarantee.

CertainTeed shingles may be installed over an existing roof and incorporate water channels to prevent leaks.

The installation guarantee is determined by the rank of the CertainTeed-certified installer, as detailed in the warranty section of the ApolloR II solar shingle spec sheet.

4. SunTegra Tile Solar Roof

SunTegra shingles are low-profile monocrystalline solar shingles that do not require racking to install.

SunTegra roofing is installed fast and may allow you to avoid additional construction permits due to its lightweight design that requires 50% fewer parts than traditional solar panels.

These solar roof tiles come with a 25-year limited power warranty and a 10-year limited product warranty.

5. Timberline Solar™ by GAF Energy

Timberline SolarTM Monocrystalline shingles won the Best of Innovation award at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). These solar roof shingles were dubbed the “first nailable solar energy shingle” designed for quick installation.

Like the Tesla solar roof, the Timberline shingle replaces your existing roof. As a result, the final cost is greater since you receive two products: a new roof and solar technology.

These waterproof shingles are the biggest single-unit shingles on the market and have a 25-year warranty. For further information, see the TimberlineTM Solar spec sheet.

Can A Solar Roof Charge A Tesla?

Yes, so long as your Tesla is equipped with the appropriate charging equipment. It is important to note that you will need to install a compatible home solar system and an adequate amount of kWh, depending on the size of your Tesla battery.

Since you’ll be using electricity generated by your solar panels, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll have enough power to charge your Tesla and more. For example, if your Tesla takes 32 kWh per charge, you’ll have an extra 68 kWh available daily.

While this may not seem like a lot, it’s helpful in the summer when power consumption increases and you may need to charge more frequently.

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