What Is The Best Window Treatment To Block Sun And Heat?

What Is The Best Window Treatment To Block Sun And Heat?

What Is The Best Window Treatment To Block Sun And Heat?

The louvered blind. Window blinds, whether vertical (Venetian blinds) or horizontal slat-type (louvered blinds), are effective at reducing summer heat gain and glare while providing adequate indoor lighting.

I would recommend purchasing high-performance louvered blinds, as they provide a much higher level of privacy (they can be ‘closed’ or completely shut) than traditional vertical blinds and are relatively inexpensive. Such blinds should not be used for thermal insulation, so in the winter you may need to get extra heating.

In addition, in certain circumstances, the louvered blinds may actually create more heat than they are designed to block – for example, if there is strong sunlight hitting them directly (in which case, you can add a layer of fabric on the outside of the blinds).

The right valance and curtains. If you want to keep your living room cool and comfortable, consider using drapes and a valance to cover your front window. The drapes should be made of natural fabrics like cotton or linen that allow sunlight to enter but help block out the heat.

A bit of sheer will also help reduce both solar gain and cooling costs by allowing light while keeping the elements out. You can also purchase metal slatted screens that can be attached to the top of your windows for cutting out the hot air on warm days.

You will obviously need to attach these slats in some way. If you have a flat roof or even just a ceiling, you could use metal brackets and attachments to slide them above your windows and secure them with screws or glue.

You could also use a double layer of sheer curtains with slats at the bottom of them and attach them to your window frame with tape. You can also purchase a product called a thermal vent for your windows. This allows hot air to escape from indoors, but it does not allow cold air to enter.

What Is The Best Blackout Window Treatment?

The Bali Blackout Cellular Shades are our top pick because of their versatile, design-forward appearance and numerous customization options. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, the Redi Shade Easy Lift Blackout Shades are a great option.

The Bali Blackout Cellular Shades come in a variety of colors, so you have the option to match your room’s décor. They also come with an optional matching valance that rolls up on the sides when desired. The shades are made from an opaque fabric material that helps block out sunlight, but also allows you to see through it.

The Redi Shade Easy Lift Blackout Shades are similar to window blinds, as they can be adjusted in terms of darkness and light depending on your needs without sacrificing privacy. They also come in a variety of colors (though not as many as the Bali Blackout Cellular Shades) and they contain blackout material on both sides of the shade.

The Bali Blackout Cellular Shades are about seven and a half inches wide and pull down from the top of your window, but the Redi Shade Easy Lift Blackout Shades are much shorter at 4.25 inches wide, which is ideal for small windows with less headroom. Both shades have some light transmission (up to 50 percent) on one side, so they work well in rooms where you need extra light or privacy.

It is best to test out both types of shades before installation, as you may find different types of windows block out different amounts of light and heat, so it’s best to choose a shade that works for you.

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