What Is The Difference Between A Window Sill And An Apron?

What Is The Difference Between A Window Sill And An Apron?

What Is The Difference Between A Window Sill And An Apron?

The bottom or base of the window opening is referred to as the window sill. The sill consists of two parts: the shelf, which is the base or bottom of the window, and the apron, which is the decorative trim beneath the shelf.

The other difference is that the apron may not be visible on the interior of the house, while a window sill is always visible. Window washers who remove the apron from a window sill. The extractor tool applies suction to remove the apron from the window sill.

The Apron is what you see when you look out of a window. It is made of decorative moldings and trims pieces that are usually visible on the exterior of the house. The apron is made of wood and is easy to install and inexpensive. The apron is often replaced at the same time as one window sill is replaced with another.

The purpose of the Apron is to cover up the mortise and tenon joints when they are not exposed on the face of a window opening, which is usually the case in modern construction housing.

The apron connects the various pieces of decorative molding, casings, and quarter rounds that make up most house windows. In modern construction houses, it also connects between house and window trim like wood siding to window trim or brick veneer to the wooden window trim.

Does A Window Need An Apron?

A window apron is a piece of trim that is installed beneath the window. It is used to cover the space between the window and the rough opening.

An apron is mainly for decorative purposes and installed against the wall immediately beneath the stool of a window

The apron helps to create a finished look and provides protection from the elements. In some cases, the apron may also be used to support the weight of the window.

How Wide Should A Window Apron Be?

As a general rule of thumb, a window apron should be at least 5 ½” (inches) wide in order to provide adequate coverage and protection for the window.


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