What Window Treatment Goes With Plantation Shutters?

What Window Treatment Goes With Plantation Shutters?

What Window Treatment Goes With Plantation Shutters?

Sheer curtains, for example, rarely complement a heavier faux-wood plantation shutter. A medium-weight cotton curtain, on the other hand, will look great with the shutter, especially if it has a subtle pattern. Remember that the curtain should frame the shutter rather than hide it.

In addition, if the curtains are sheer, dark-colored ones, a high-quality faux-wood plantation shutter will look even better. Pinch pleat shades are another good choice that should complement any plantation shutter.

They tend to be more heavy-duty than roman shades, so they are good for covering the entire window opening. In addition, they usually have multiple layers of fabric so there is more material between you and the sunlight.

The best options, however, are either a sheer curtain or a pair of pinch pleat shades. A sheer curtain will conceal the shutters without being too noticeable. And a set of pinch pleat shades will make your plantation shutters look like they’ve always been there.

A pair of sheers is a good option, but it will look best when the window is covered almost completely. Another arrangement that looks really nice is a pair of sheers in place of a drape covering the entire window and a pair of shams opposite the first set. Another importance is that the fabric curtain should be the same color as the wall behind it.

Unlike sheer curtains, valance-style drapery doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly. A valance-style curtain goes just below the middle section of the shutter and usually covers about two or three slats at each end. Stripes are often used for valances because they will allow you to see some pattern through them as well as let you see what’s happening on either side.

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