Where Is The Drain Hole On A Window Air Conditioner?

Where Is The Drain Hole On A Window Air Conditioner?

Where Is The Drain Hole On A Window Air Conditioner?

The drainage hole on most window air conditioners is located beneath the exterior part that hangs out the window. You’ll have to go outside to get to it. If you cannot access your window unit from the outside, you must remove your air conditioner from the window.

In addition, you will have to pay attention to the drainage hole and close it when you are done using the air conditioner. You will have to make sure that you completely close the opening before turning off your air conditioner after use. This is a safety measure since it can continue to drain water outside of your home if it is left open.

This same rule applies to rainfall water, which should also be diverted into your rain gutters. Remember, too, that most window ACs require a minimum clearance of 10″ between the ground and the unit in order for them to operate properly.

One other important thing that you should remember to do is to clean the condenser coils on your window air conditioner. These are the metal or plastic pipes that can be found on the outside of your unit.

You can remove the front and side panels of your window AC, if needed, to get to these coils. When you have done this, use a vacuum cleaner’s nozzle with an extension hose and a brush attachment to clean them out. Then, wipe them off with a damp cloth or paper towel before you put the panels back on.

If you have a more complex window air conditioner, then you may have to perform additional maintenance procedures that are unique to your specific model. Look online for instructions from the manufacturer or check the manual that came with your unit from when you purchased it if there is no online help available.

Can You Replace A Power Cord On A Window Air Conditioner?

Yes. As long as you are not dealing with a hard wire system (not likely on a window air conditioner), replacing a power cord is less complicated than it may seem. If you have a window air conditioner that has a power cable that runs alongside the window, then you will need to remove this cable.

If your unit is wireless and has a cord that is not attached to anything else, then you may be able to avoid having to replace the power cable. For hard-wired systems, see if there is an access panel for the meter or circuit breaker.

If there is such an access panel, you may be able to break in through it and access the main power feed inside your home. This can save you from having to purchase another electrical cord from an appliance store or electrical parts store.

If you do not have an amp meter to test your cords with, then use a voltmeter and look for the highest reading on the cord and insert it into one of the outlets in your home. Then, turn on your air conditioner or blower outlet and then turn it off. The highest reading should be near or above 120 volts.

The minimum voltage required is 120 volts, but most systems will require the amps in addition to this minimum voltage requirement.

You should also replace any cords that are frayed or worn since they could cause issues later on down the road. Use a cordless drill and replace the power cord with the new one.

Then, attach the adaptor plug at the end of the cord with screws so that they are secure. Lastly, reinstall your air conditioning unit in the window and turn it on.

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