Why Are Stone Steps Are Better Than Concrete Steps?

Why Are Stone Steps Are Better Than Concrete Steps?

Why Are Stone Steps Are Better Than Concrete Steps?

Stone stairs are favoured by homeowners owing to their lovely look but being more difficult to build due to their sheer weight.

They appear more natural and are available in more hues and textures than poured concrete, which is often a neutral gray.

More design possibilities allow homeowners to match their garden steps to their preferred landscape design approach.

Stone steps are also a superior choice in terms of durability. Concrete will break over time if it is not correctly placed.

Individual stones are also easier and less expensive to replace than seriously broken concrete steps that must be dismantled and repoured.

How Do You Lay Pavers On Concrete?

If you want to undertake the work yourself, here’s an indication of what to expect:

Examine For Drainage Issues

Inspect the area you want to cover to ensure a sufficient slope for water discharge.

If it isn’t, the water that seeps through your pavers will be unable to reach the ground due to the existing concrete, causing drainage difficulties and standing water where you don’t want it.

Drill drainage holes a few inches apart if it is not appropriately sloped.

Clear The Area

Use a power washer to clean the current concrete surface and prepare it for the new paver tiles.

Wait for the surface to dry completely before commencing work on installing the pavers.

Sand Should Be Used To Cover The Existing Concrete.

Cover the old concrete with a coarse sand layer half an inch thick. This creates a solid base for your pavers.

Install The Pavers

You may now place the pavers on top of the concrete as desired. Fit them together carefully, then fill the gaps with the leftover sand.

With Edging Or Mortar, Secure The Perimeter.

You will need to secure the border of the pavers to keep them in place. You may use a plastic edging tool to hammer them into position, or you can use mortar or glue to hold them in place.

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