Why Is My Moon Roof Leaking?

Why Is My Moon Roof Leaking?

Why Is My Moon Roof Leaking?

A leaky sunroof is an annoying problem that can quickly lead to water damage. The most common cause of a leaky sunroof is a drainage system clogging that carries water away. Locate your sunroof’s drains.

Depending on your particular vehicle, there could be up to four of them, and they’d be located in the corners of the sunroof opening. If you notice a leak, try to clean the drain using a plunger or a vacuum cleaner. If that doesn’t work, have your car repaired.

How Do You Fix A Leaking Sunroom Roof?

Sunrooms are frequently calming and visually beautiful, but they are prone to leaking due to the large number of windows that allow sunlight. Leaks must be repaired as soon as possible because moisture accumulation harms your walls and flooring and invites mold development.

1. Inspect the weep holes at the bottom of the track on each window in the sunroom.

Examine the weep holes at the bottom of the track on each sunroom window. These apertures are frequently clogged with dirt and debris, resulting in leaks since the windows cannot drain water properly.

Clear the weep holes using a sewing needle or other pointed implement so the windows can function correctly.

2. Check the caulking on each window.

Examine the caulking around each window. If the caulking seems old, pitted, or is coming away from the frame, it should be replaced.

Scrape away the old caulking with a razor blade gently. Once the caulking has been removed, wash the area with a soft sponge and mild soap and allow it to dry completely.

Apply new caulk to the seam with a caulk gun and waterproof caulk. For optimal results, follow all of the instructions on the caulk tube.

3. Replace any glass panes that have cracks in them.

Any cracked glass panes should be replaced. Even the smallest breach allows water to leak through.

Apply masking tape to the glass multiple times to keep it from shattering as you remove it. Remove the glass by scraping off the caulk with the razor.

Scrape away any residual sealant around the frame and apply new caulk. Insert the replacement pane into the frame and caulk it again to establish a watertight seal.

4. Add additional roof sealant around the flashing on the roof if your sunroom has a chimney.

Put more roof sealant around the flashing if your sunroom has a chimney. Leaks frequently arise in the gap between the roof and the flashing, which is the metal link between the two.

Fresh sealant helps to avoid this by closing any gaps that water may be entering through.

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