Can Awning Windows Be Installed Vertically?

Can Awning Windows Be Installed Vertically?

Can Awning Windows Be Installed Vertically?

Yes. Awning windows are ideal for both horizontal and vertical orientations. Thanks to their flexible frame, you can install awning windows in any orientation you like. They are more suitable for horizontal installation, however, because of their ability to open in two directions.

They can be installed vertically if needed by adding a set of hinges on the top side of the frame and using an additional bracket to keep it at a certain angle. Andersen offers these features on its Classic series of windows. You can also order them custom-made if you prefer a different style than those available when you purchase the windows directly from Andersen.

You can install awning windows vertically if you want to maximize your square footage in the rooms of your home. Andersen offers a variety of options for different types of windows, including ones that are installed vertically.

With a vertical installation, even a small window can provide you with enough light that’s natural and doesn’t come from artificial sources. It will increase the insulation in this window because it will be closer to the ceiling, which helps keep heat inside during the winter months.

This is also good for summer because it creates cooler air spaces inside your home when you have more ventilation. Vertical awning windows also allow you to customize your units to fit the size of your home.

How Do I Keep My Awning Windows Open?

Awning windows open and close with a crank, making them much easier to handle; thus, they require less effort to use than slider windows. Unlock the locks on both sides of the window to open it. Then, unfold the crank handle and turn it until the window is at the desired angle.

The following outlines the steps to follow:

  1. Awning windows can be easily opened from the inside.

If you have awning windows in your home, you can simply open them the same way as you would any other window. You open it from the top, and it opens outward. You can also open them from the outside in order to get more airflow or for your children to be able to look outside when they are playing around your house.

  1. You can leave them half-open or fully open according to your preference.
  2. A rod is a good tool to use for keeping awning windows open when they need adjustment during installation or after they’ve already been installed in your home.

You can prop them half-open or fully open if you want to get the maximum amount of ventilation and light from your home.

  1. Awning windows are designed to be left open on multiple sides during use.

If you have Andersen awning windows installed in your home, you may be able to leave them permanently half-open with no problems. However, doing that may take up more room in your house than you have available, so it is usually better to prop them open when they need adjusting or if you want to keep them partially closed

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