Do Awning Windows Have Locks?

Do Awning Windows Have Locks?

Do Awning Windows Have Locks?

Yes. (1) or (2) lock mechanisms are available for casement windows. Awning windows are equipped with two (2) locking mechanisms. The casement locking mechanism allows you to secure the window open or closed, while the awning locking mechanism allows you to secure the window in its tilted position.

Because awning windows are hinged, they can be opened up and shifted up or down. This gives them more versatility than double-hung windows and other casement designs.

Awning windows have a single sash that swings open and closes with a hand crank. Awning windows are rectangular in shape, with a width that is greater than the height, so when they are open, the raised glass acts as an awning-like shelter over the window opening.

Awning windows have locks in case of an emergency. Some don’t have locks, but those that do have a lock located on the inside. This makes it easier for you to open and close your windows when necessary.

Without locks, the only way to secure your awning window is from the outside, which can be inconvenient if you’re inside your house and need to lock it up quickly.

A lock that can be locked from both the inside and outside is ideal for allowing you to easily secure your awning window during a storm or if there’s a chance of someone attempting to break into your house.

Are Awning Windows Popular?

Yes. Awning windows are extremely popular because they add light, ventilation, and space to a room without taking up a lot of extra space.

They can be used in nearly any room in the home, but they are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and sunrooms because of the design that provides more control over how much light and ventilation is coming in through the window.

Awning windows are available in both wood and vinyl models. In addition to size variations, you also have to choose between tilt-in-out casement awning windows or crank-handle casement awning windows. Other than that, you get to decide whether you want your window on the interior or exterior wall of your home.

Awning windows can be installed as part of a new home or built into an existing one. They are sometimes added to a room during a remodel project.

Awning windows are popular because they are versatile and allow you to maximize the space you already have. They work well with just about any style or decor, so they’re perfect for adding light and ventilation to nearly any room of your home.

During remodeling projects, homeowners often choose casement awning windows because they offer more control over how much light and air is coming into the room through the window itself.


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