Can You Put Plantation Shutters On An Arched Window?

Can You Put Plantation Shutters On An Arched Window?

Can You Put Plantation Shutters On An Arched Window?

Yes. Plantation shutters, which can be custom-made to fit any shaped window, are the ideal arched window treatments. You can still get privacy and light control from your arched windows by using a louvered shutter.

If you have an arched window, you can have plantation shutters installed. Plantation shutters or louvered shutters are designed to let the light into your home while preventing insects, dust, and dirt from entering.

They are also extremely low maintenance; they are easy to clean and can be easily wiped down after rain storms.

Plantation shutter options range from wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. These shutters also come in a variety of colors to match your decor. The most popular option for interior plantation shutters is made with vinyl; however, you can choose from other options such as metal or wood as well.

To determine whether plantation shutter panels will fit your windows and arches helpfully measure the height of the arches at either side of the window.

Most plantation shutter kits come with the necessary hardware for installation. The hardware should be included with your kit; however, if you need additional hardware to make sure that your shutter will fit on your arches, then you may want to order it at the same time as or in addition to your shutters.

To help determine if plantation shutters will fit your windows, measure the height of both the interior and exterior arches at either side of your window.

If the measurements are perfect for a shutter for one side, but not the other, look for shutters that can span from one arch to the other. Once you have the measurements you need, you can look at the size of your windows and check to see if any window shutters on our site will fit.


How Do You Fix Window Shutters?

Window shutters are an important part of your home’s exterior. They can provide privacy for your family and keep the sun and wind out, but if they’re not functioning properly, they can also be a nuisance. Here are some tips on how to fix window shutters:

  1. Check the hinges and bolts. Make sure the hinges and bolts are tight and in good condition. If they’re not, they can cause the shutters to shake and not function properly.
  2. Check the weather stripping. If the weather stripping is deteriorated or missing, it can allow the wind and rain to enter the shutters and damage them.
  3. Clean the glass. If the window is dirty, the shutters will not close completely and will cause a draft.
  4. Adjust the tension. If the shutters are not closing completely, you may need to adjust the tension by adjusting the screws on the top of the shutter.
  5. Check the hinges. If the hinges are not functioning properly, the shutter will not close at all.
  6. Repair or replace the shutter. If the shutter is broken, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Window shutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be mounted on either the inside or outside of a window. To open a window shutter, you first have to unlatch it from the inside or outside of the window. Once it’s unlatched, you can open the window by pushing it open from the inside or outside.

If your window shutter is broken, it may not be able to be opened from the inside or outside. In this case, you’ll need to replace the shutter. Window shutters can be replaced with a variety of different types of shutters, so you should be able to find one that matches your window.


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