Difference Between Flyover and Overbridge | What is a Foot Bridge?

Difference Between Flyover and Overbridge | What is a Foot Bridge?

Difference Between Flyover and Overbridge | What is a Foot Bridge?

Difference Between Flyover and Overbridge |What is a Foot Bridge?

Flyover and Overbridge

Bridges, flyovers, over bridges, overpasses, and underpasses are some of the amazing engineering designs which are made to aid in easy access and safe time for people using them. They are design majorly for pedestrians, motorists, vehicles, animals, and even trains.  

Difference Between Flyover and Overbridge

Typically, bridges are designed over obstruction or water bodies, for instance, rivers, but over bridges, on the other hand, are meant to provide a roadway for vehicles and pedestrians over a railway line or even an under a bridge. A flyover design is an idea that allows other roads to be constructed over the main roads to facilitate faster movement of vehicles and pedestrians in this current age of congested traffic in major metro cities. 

A flyover is also called an overpass and is built over an existing railroad or a road to crosses another railway or road. It helps save time for the motorist and pedestrians and other road users like a cyclist. A flyover is common across major towns and cities because of traffic jams across many roads. Despite its major road in saving time and energy, there are some flyover criticisms like the fact that it can lead to wastage of precious space in the form of huge pillars that go up on the existing road. 

Despite this, however, the flyover benefits outweigh their cons as they facilitate faster and more efficient transport of pedestrians and motorists.

An overbridge is a type of bridge which are designed and built over an existing rail or road to allow for the movement of a railway road across the road. An overbridge is often meant for the pedestrians only when made over a railway road to enable pedestrians to cross over without any fear of railways.

Foot Bridge

What is a Foot Bridge?

A footbridge is a type of bridge designed and built mainly for pedestrians and not the motorist. Again, his type of bridge structure’s main purpose to link different points at a height above the ground, and the footbridge can also be a lower structure like a boardwalk that facilitates pedestrians to cross fragile, wet, or marshy land. 

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