12 Key Garden Window Pros and Cons | Garden Window Cost & Maintenance

12 Key Garden Window Pros and Cons | Garden Window Cost & Maintenance

Garden Window Pros and Cons | Garden Window Cost & Maintenance |Problems with Garden Windows

Garden Window

Garden window is a term used to describe the small, rectangular windows with sills that appear on many classic English cottage gardens.

They were traditionally made with small panes of glass, making them quite fragile and difficult to replace when broken.

Today, one can locate some examples of this type of window on some traditional British cottages – but they are often rather more decorative than functional.

Garden Windows are a great choice to have installed in your home. They are also called bow windows.

These are different than regular windows, in that they have a window that curves outward or curves to the inside.

This window can be placed in the exterior of the house, to provide a great view, or in the interior of the house, to provide a large open space.

The advantages are that you have a beautiful view, without losing insulation or visibility. You are also provided with more light streaming in.

You can also get more space in your living area without the need for building an addition to your home.

Window gardening can also be a great way to grow veggies. However, you might be worried about not having gardening space.

Luckily, window gardening is a great alternative if you want to grow your own veggies without the hassle of having a garden or plot of land.

Garden Window Maintenance

One way to make your garden window look beautiful and modern is to install a screen and a curtain. Some may want to avoid this for various reasons, but we believe it can be very effective.

It will make your home look classy and give it the nature feel. That is why we suggest you ignore this advice and go for it.

When cleaning your garden window, make sure to get the safety equipment such as safety gloves and glasses. This will help you to get a shiner and new look for your garden window without getting injured.

Horizontal lines can be very annoying when they get dirty, especially if they are clean from the inside or if they are not properly installed or fitted.

Problems with Garden Windows

  1. Leakage:

Windows can let in a great amount of moisture, either from the outside or from the inside. This is a significant problem in warmer climates with high humidity.

Far too often, windows leak when it rains, which allows water to get in your home and spoil your possessions.

One of the most common problems with garden windows is leakage. Water gets in through the bottom of the window and drips on the side walk below.

  1. Attracts insects:

Garden windows are usually made of glass and can allow animals from outside to enter into your home. That is the reason why you need to cover them with net or anything that can keep insects out of your houses.

  1. Low-E coating:

Some garden windows are not well-insulated, causing air leakage around the house. This can be detrimental to you as it will lead to energy costs and drafts in the rooms.

The only way to prevent this problem is by using lower-E coating on your windows.

  1. Staining:

Garden windows are exposed to a lot of sun rays and rain. This can cause stains on your windows. In order to reduce this problem, use your garden window only as a secondary source of light or as a decorative piece.

Garden Window Pros and Cons

Garden Window Pros

1. Provides more natural lights:

Garden windows are definitely more useful to provide more natural light than any other types of windows. When the sun is shining through these windows, it comes into your room.

2. Giving privacy to your garden:

Garden window also helps you to keep up with the privacy of your backyard space. These windows can be installed on corners of your house roof, just like courtyard house roof is done by French, or they can be installed at one side (either upper or lower).

3. Provides extra shelf space:

A garden window also provides extra shelf space in a room, making it great for plants, suncatchers, and other decorative things that may bring interest and character to the area.

While garden windows appear more complicated than conventional windows, a skilled window contractor can install one quickly and in roughly the same amount of time.

4. Add personal value to your home:

Garden windows are also great for personal value of your home. When you build a new house, it will be the envy of the neighborhood. Your house will have modern touch.

5. Increase Ventilation:

Garden window are also known to provide natural ventilation. This is important for bathrooms.

6. Easy to clean:

Garden windows are very easy to clean, this is because they are open at the top and bottom.

You can wipe them with soft cloth or sponge or if you have kids, you can spray them occasionally with baby proof cleaning sprays.

7. Energy efficiency:

Another excellent feature of garden windows is that they are energy efficient. When it comes to the cost of ownership, naturally, more windows mean more costs.

However, garden windows are designed to use less energy than conventional windows.

As a result, over time, the total cost of the window will be less than what you would pay for standard windows.

Garden Window Cons

1. Expensive to build:

Garden windows are very expensive to build. It will cost you a lot of money to install garden window as these windows are more complicated than conventional windows.

Because of this you will have to spend a lot of money on extra installation charges as well as different types of materials.

2. Low energy efficiency

Interestingly, it’s not like all garden windows save energy. It will largely be determined by the material used for the window frame.

To get the benefits of your new window, choose a frame composed of aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass.

Furthermore, if you use low-E coatings on the glass, you will decrease heat transmission, keeping your house warm and your costs cheap.

3. Privacy issues

Privacy with garden windows is a concern for homeowners with children. These windows must be installed with the proper locks so that toddlers and younger children don’t fall out of the window.

4. Attracts Insects:

Garden windows are used by most insects to enter into your home. Bugs, ants, spiders and other pests can easily get into your house through these windows.

To avoid this from happening you can install screen doors on both sides of the garden window or use netting to cover the top of the window.

5. Can be difficult to install:

It is critical to hire a window contractor that has installed this sort of window before. If a garden window is not correctly constructed, structural issues may arise, especially if the necessary supports are not placed.

When selecting a garden window, look for one that is well-made and with frame materials that will not crack or chip. The window should be both energy-efficient and well-insulated.

Garden Window FAQs

What exactly are garden windows?

A garden window is a type of window that extends from the house onto the yard.

Because of the quantity of light, it lets inside the residence, this style of window, also known as a greenhouse window, is frequently utilized as shelves for plants or herbs.

While this style of window is most commonly put above the sink in a kitchen, it may be installed in almost any room in the house where additional natural light is desired.

What sizes do garden windows come in?

Garden windows are often available in sizes ranging from 36 by 36 inches to 72 by 60 inches. Natural light enters your room through a series of panels that stretch 16 to 24 inches from your garden window.

Are kitchen garden windows outdated?

There is nothing outdated about kitchen garden windows. They are used in most European countries. They are just not found in America.

They are economical, efficient, and decorative. Their introduction into North America can be attributed to the popularity of television shows like The Good Life, which was filmed in England in the 1970s.

How much do garden windows cost?

Costs for garden windows will vary according to size and your choice of side panels (wood or vinyl).

The average cost of installing a garden window is from $900 to $4,000 per window. You must include in the cost of local labor, which averages approximately $40 per hour but varies based on your local installation prices.

Do garden windows increase home value?

Garden windows will increase the value of your home because they are useful, decorative, and versatile.

They can be used for various purposes including window dressing, protection against the elements, or an added feature for dividing rooms.

An all-glass garden window is one of the most expensive options available to homeowners. They are way more expensive than using aluminum framed windows or double-pane glass.

Garden windows are an enhancement above standard windows. As a result, it will improve the worth of the entire house when you come to assess it.

Do garden windows let in more light?

Window size is important in determining the amount of light your windows let in, but it is also important to ensure that your window is designed for the best possible amount of transmittance.

Garden windows have their own benefits, but they are less effective at letting in light than larger windows.

A garden window is a type of window that protrudes slightly beyond the surface of your home’s wall.

Furthermore, the garden window will increase the amount of light in your kitchen due to the four glass window panes making a square.

How to keep Garden Window Clean?

Clean Garden windows from inside:

  1.     To prevent your garden windows from getting dirty, you can sweep the stair casing, walkways and ground below it with a broom. This will help in keeping the area clean and tidy.
  2.     You can clean your garden windows from inside using a hose attachment or a hose attachment on a pressure washer.
  3.     Clean the window panes from inside with soft cleaning cloths or paper towels to remove all dirt, soil and grime on them.

Clean the outside of your garden windows:

Window cleaners have been used for many years to clean the outside of your windows from being creased from the rain. However, a very strong solution has been discovered that not only does a great job but it is environmentally safe and biodegradable.

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