Sliding Sash Windows Pros and Cons | Different Types of Sash Window | Glazed Sash Window Cost

Sliding Sash Windows Pros and Cons | Different Types of Sash Window | Glazed Sash Window Cost

Sliding Sash Window Pros and Cons | Different Types of Sash Window | Glazed Sash Window Cost

What Is Sash Window?

A sash window, also known as a hanging sash window, is made up of one or more movable panels, or “sashes.”

Individual sashes are historically paned windows, but can now hold a single sheet (or sheets, in the case of double glazing) of glass.

Sash windows are vertically opening windows that are frequently identified with historical architecture and design.

A sash window is made up of two framed window sashes, one in front of the other. A sliding sash window is a more precise term for this type of window.

These window units are housed in frames with vertical grooves, allowing them to glide up and down smoothly without the risk of one frame rubbing against the other and harming them.

Counterbalances — weights on cords and pulleys – help the sashed move up and down. These counterbalances can be concealed within the frame or visible on the inside of the window.

Sliding sash windows lack hinges and have no outward swing, however some modern sash windows tilt to facilitate cleaning.

The sliding sash window has been around for almost three centuries, and the functioning mechanism has remained nearly constant. Some of the components, such as the staff bead and the separating bead, are still available for purchase.

Sash windows are designed to be readily disassembled for repair or replacement of damaged sash cords.

When issues arise, many people believe that the only viable solution is replacement – sometimes with contemporary plastic windows – which is simply not the case.

Because they have been carefully maintained and painted on a regular basis, some timber windows have survived for generations.

Plastic windows (PVCu) cannot be readily removed and repaired, and the components cannot be produced by any skilled joiner.

They have not been put to the test of time, yet there are already indications of failure

Plastic windows, which often come with double-glazed sized units, are only guaranteed for 10 years and are costly to repair if they fail.

Furthermore, they are built in such a way that they cannot replicate the mouldings and features seen in conventional timber windows.

Plastic windows, almost without exception, are completely unsuitable for use in any historic environment.

Sticking, joint failure, putty failure, damp rot, rattling, and draughts are the most common problems with conventional timber sashes.

Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double glazed sash windows are similar to regular sash windows, but they have the extra benefit of double glazing especially during the cold months.

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass rather than just one. Although it may appear to be a simple concept, installing double glazing is advantageous for a variety of reasons.

Sash windows with double glazing are an excellent choice for conservation zones or for individuals who want to keep the look and feel of a historic house.

You may choose between a genuine wooden sash appearance and a maintenance-free uPVC alternative in woodgrain treatments.

The cost of a standard original sash window double glazing can range from $600 to $1000, depending on the client’s needs, the condition of the sash, and the size.

The following are some of the primary advantages of glazed sash windows:

  • Thermal efficiency has improved.
  • Lower heating costs
  • There is less outside noise coming into the house, and there are fewer draughts.
  • Condensation on the interior of the window is reduced.
  • Enhanced security

Different Types of Sash Frame Styles

Victorian Sash Windows.

During the Victorian era, the pattern had a two over two designs. This era’s windows are likewise more opulent, with sash horns added to assist reinforce the joints that required to hold the bigger glass panels.

Glass manufacturing technology had progressed during the Victorian era, allowing for the production of bigger sheets of glass.

As a result, Victorian sash windows are distinguished by their ‘two over two’ style. Each unit is constructed of two panes of glass connected by a single vertical glazing bar.

Georgian Sash Windows.

Georgian sash windows are made up of two window units, each with six panes of glass – known as a ‘six over six’ design.

This was due to the fact that manufacturing techniques at the time only allowed for the production of small glazed panes, therefore a large number of them were required to form a window.

This gives a very Georgian-looking sense of symmetry.

Edwardian Sash Windows.

During the Edwardian era, a six over two pattern was devised, combining the best of the Georgian and Victorian approaches.

Sash horns were still employed to hold the bigger glass panes that allowed in a lot of light.

Different Materials of Sash Frame Styles

Different frame styles can also provide different benefits and looks. Choosing the proper frame material will help you to have a sash window that looks and functions perfectly for your home.

Wooden Sash Window

Wooden window frames are traditional, natural, and appealing. They are an excellent alternative for a classic style, such as a sash window, especially in a historic home.

Wooden windows, on the other hand, require regular maintenance and care to be in excellent shape and last a long time.

Advantages of Wooden Sash Windows 

  • Authentic antique appearance
  • Choices of hardwood or softwood
  • Energy efficiency rating of B
  • There are several color options.
  • Timber obtained in a sustainable manner

uPVC Sash Window

Upvc is a popular material for windows since it is inexpensive and long-lasting. It doesn’t take much upkeep and is an excellent all-arounder.

However, because it lacks a conventional aspect, it might look out of place in a historic house.

Advantages of uPVC Sash Windows 

  • Modern technology with a classic appearance
  • Almost no upkeep required
  • A+ for energy efficiency
  • Finishes that are painted or have a woodgrain appearance
  • Frames with a single or dual color are available.

Alluminium Sash Window

For durability and strength, contemporary sash windows can be built of aluminum. Because aluminum is so robust, it can hold big glass panels, allowing for thinner frames and more glass.

It is also less prone to flex and twist when the weather changes, as timber frames might.

However, because aluminum frames employ highly contemporary materials, they, like uPVC, might seem out of place in a classic home

Composite Sash Window

Composite sash windows, which are made of wood on the inside and coated in aluminum on the exterior, are becoming increasingly popular.

This guarantees that they retain the classic appearance of wood on the inside while being resistant to weather and requiring little care on the outside.

The Cost of Sash Windows

The cost of sash double glazed windows varies according to the materials used, the size of the windows, and the quality of the manufacturing and installation processes.

Softwood double glazed sash windows start about $700 per window.

Quality products that have a considerably longer service life, require less maintenance, and have much greater levels of efficiency, security, and environmental accountability will cost much more, but they are well worth the extra cost.

Sliding Sash Window Pros and Cons

Sash Window Pros

1. Increased Ventilations:

Sash windows are very basic and easy to operate. It has a simple and manual way of operating and this allows for great amount of air to flow into the house.

This is very useful since one of the main causes of sickness is poor ventilation.

This is because over-heating leads to poor ventilation which leads to extreme health conditions like asthma, cancer, and even death

2. Better Security:

Sash windows have a lock mechanism that helps in keeping the burglar from breaking into the house through the window frame.

This is very useful especially for elderly or vulnerable people who cannot use other means to keep intruders away

  1. Comfort:

Sash windows are not only good for keeping the house warm but also to be cool during summers through air flow.

The fact that it has a double glass system that allows for better ventilation makes it more comfortable.

This helps to reduce fatigue, lowers humidity, increases air circulation, and keeps the temperature regulated

4. Sash windows have traditional charm:

Sash windows are made of wood and thus they have the charm that is associated with wooden houses.

The fact that each window has unique design makes it even more charming since it shows the craftsmanship of the people

5. They are durable:

Since sash windows are made of very strong materials like wood and metal, they last for a long time making them good investment for long term use

Sash Window Pros

1. They are not installed easily:

If you are not trained to install sash windows then it is better to hire a professional.

The problem that most people have with sash windows is that they don’t know how to fix the window when it breaks. This leads to high costs on repairing them

2. They are expensive:

Sash windows are expensive compared to other types of window frames. Since there are different materials used in them, each material costs differently making each sash window more expensive than the other

3. It is difficult to hang:

Sash windows are heavy and thus it is not easy to install and hang them. They require a huge effort and also require a lot of time.

Usually, the older the house is, the harder it is to install and hang sash windows

4. They don’t let much light through:

Sash window are very small compared to other window types. For maximum light they have an opening of 5 inches which does not allow enough light to pass through every day.

Sash Windows FAQs

What is a sash for a window?

The sash is the moveable part of a window made up of the vertical and horizontal frame that holds the glass.

The window sash is the portion of a window that opens and holds the glass and the framework surrounding it in place.

Window sashes are critical to the overall structure and stability of the window.

To prevent deformation, vinyl window sashes must be multi-chambered and strengthened.

If a window sash is deformed, it may create leakage and lock difficulties with the window itself.

What are the advantages of sash windows?

Sash windows are very durable. This means that they will last for a long time and thus will be worth the investment

What are the disadvantages of sash windows?

The only disadvantage is they are expensive. It is not that they are expensive but it is because their application for different types of houses is different. They need to be fitted to be able to work properly

How much does it cost to double glaze a sash window?

Sash windows are expensive to install. This is generally due to the labor costs involved. In addition, sash window installation requires a skilled carpenter.

The cost of sash windows will depend on several factors including style, material, custom work and where you live.

The average for high-quality sash windows is $700-$1500 each, but other factors can raise this number by as much as 50%.

Can you repair sash windows?

Yes, you can repair sash windows. You can either do it yourself or take it to a professional for repair

What is a sash window lock?

A Sash window lock is used for preventing robbers from entering your house through the window by locking the window up.

It is made of metal bars that are connected to the frame to prevent it from being opened

Are sash windows any good?

Sash windows provide a grandeur and quality that is difficult to duplicate in a modern build, especially in a period-inspired house.

Though more expensive than a typical window, whether PVCu or wood, contemporary sash windows can last far longer with proper care, making them an excellent investment for your house.

How does a sash window function?

Sash windows have one or two vertically movable sashes.

To keep the window open, a series of ingenious counterweights connected by a sash cord or a large spring known as a spiral balance keeps the window open. Along the top rail, the sash cable passes over the top of a pulley.

 What is the distinction between sash windows and casement windows?

The most significant distinction is that sash windows open vertically, whereas casement windows typically open out or in like doors.

Sash windows are a classic window design with a timeless elegance that looks excellent in both old and modern homes.

A casement window is a more contemporary version that is more practical and offers features such as improved security because the lock is built into the frame and ease of cleaning.

Sash windows are more sophisticated in construction and may require some care, as opposed to casement windows, which are mostly fit and forget.

Are sash windows expensive?

Sash windows are not the least expensive form of window. If your sash windows are beyond repair, replacement windows are the greatest option for you; nevertheless, you must always budget for these magnificent windows.

Sash window replacement costs on average start at $700 per window.

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