Glue Gun Hacks: Top 5 Simple Glue Gun Hacks You Can do at Home

Glue Gun Hacks: Top 5 Simple Glue Gun Hacks You Can do at Home

Glue Gun Hacks: Top 5 Simple Glue Gun Hacks You Can do at Home

Hot Glue Gun Hacks & Uses: Top 5 Glue Gun Hacks You Can do at Home







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Hot Glue Gun Hacks & Uses

  1. Decorate Glass Windows During Holidays

You can apply the glue directly from the glue gun to the glass windows when you want to create holiday decorations like Christmas flowers.  This glue can peel off from the glass quite easily. Glue sticks come in very many colours which can bring out magic while doing glass decoration.

  1. Emboss Cards

The glue gun is excellent for card embossing. Basically, it adds a decorative raised ridge to any surface including paper.

There are multiple ways to do embossing. You can draw a design on a flat, or write words or nonporous surface. You can then let it dry and peel it up. You can then attach your design to a card with a little bit of glue. This way you can trim it to perfection.

  1. Make Jewelry

Hot glue from Glue Gun can make amazing jewelry. An entire bracelet can be made from hot glue.

  1. Fix Buttons

When you are running out the door and then you notice you have a button that is about to fall off and have no time to sew it, what you do is to run some hot glue over the threads and allow it to dry off. Your button will remain unattached maybe until you have got time to sew it.

  1. Make Expensive-Looking Christmas Ornaments

As mentioned earlier, hot glue is great on glass and it can peel off easily. if you make a mistake, just peel it off. You can improvise Christmas ornaments and give them a 3D effect using glue guns.  In case you don’t have various colors, you can use clear glue and then apply nail polish over it.

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