How Do You Drape A Window For Fabric Treatment?

How Do You Drape A Window For Fabric Treatment?

How Do You Drape A Window For Fabric Treatment?

1. Place a decorative curtain rod at least 2 inches above the draped window. Use wall anchors or screws to secure the brackets to the wall studs.

2. Measure the width and double the height of the window to be draped, then add 2 inches to determine the fabric yards required. The width of the window drape will be determined by the width of the fabric, which is usually 45 to 55 inches.

3. To the wrong side, fold the short edges of the cut length of fabric under 1-inch twice and pin the folds with straight pins. Sew the hem by hand with a needle and thread of the same color as the fabric. Smooth the hem and fabric with an iron.

4. Create loose accordion length-wise folds with the long length of fabric in your hands. Slide the fabric under the decorative curtain rod’s left corner edge, allowing it to hang three-quarters of the way down toward the bottom of the window.

5. Stretch one long edge of the fabric along the edge of the rod and pull it over the rod. Slide the fabric’s remaining end over the top of the rod at the right corner edge. Pull the fabric end three-quarters of the way down toward the window’s bottom.

How Do You Wash Window Treatment Curtains?

In a sink of cool water, hand washes delicate window treatments with one tablespoon of liquid dish detergent. Allow 10 minutes for the curtains to soak to loosen any dirt and debris. Hire professionals to come in and properly wash your window treatments to restore them to like-new condition.

Hire a window treatment professional to wash your window treatments. This option is best if you have delicate curtain materials that can’t be washed in a washer or too many curtains to hand wash, like in the case of an entire room of large window treatments.

Stains that are not removed through washing will need to be professionally removed with a cleaning solution by someone who is trained to do so. Clean or replace light-colored drapes and curtains more often, as they pick up dirt from the air and from the objects around them.

Darker drapes and curtains can hide stains better and may not need to be cleaned as often as lighter ones since they hide dirt better. If you do wash your drapes and curtains, allow them to air dry fully before hanging them back up.

Hanging wet drapes and curtains can cause mildew stains to develop, which will require professional cleaning services to remove.

You can purchase a variety of window treatment accessories to add beauty or functionality to your drapes and curtains. Find a decorative eyelet kit or lace at a home improvement store or shop online for clips, tiebacks, gauchos, sachets, and other window treatments that have decorative designs on them.

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