What Is A Window Treatment Installer?

What Is A Window Treatment Installer?

What Is A Window Treatment Installer?

A window treatment installer is a person who works with window accessories such as blinds, shades, drapes, and shutters as a window treatment installer. Your responsibilities vary depending on the products you install.

For instance, a window treatment installer might clean or remove old poor weathering and outdated blinds; install wood blinds and shades; arrange window treatments; and install drapes, shutters, and other window fittings. Or you may do all of the above. In some cases, you might even manage a window treatment company as a manager or oversee work performed by divisional supervisors.

The average salary for this occupation is $47,670 per year. The employment outlook is good because more people today are replacing their windows with light-blocking curtains rather than draping fabric over them. This trend is going to continue because it’s easier to install a curtain than it is to install drapes.

Window treatment installer jobs are available in all kinds of places including home improvement stores, department stores, furniture stores, and retail furniture outlets. The most common place for finding these jobs is with a manufacturer who will hire you to install their products.

In fact, some manufacturers only sell the product and have an installer come out to your home or business to do the installation. Other companies will just have the window treatment installed by their own employees.

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