How Do You Keep Cats Out Of Window Blinds?

How Do You Keep Cats Out Of Window Blinds?

How Do You Keep Cats Out Of Window Blinds?

Cats dislike the smell of citrus and avoid areas where such aromas are present. To keep cats away from your shades, spray citrus around the blinds. Simply leaving the blinds open is the simplest and most efficient solution.

Also, if you have other pets, keep them from scratching or chewing the shades, as this will cause them to become damaged. When you open and close the blinds, it makes a lot of noise that will warn the cats of their presence.

Make sure to use only cotton liners for your window blinds. This fabric is completely safe for your pets and is unlikely to cause any harm when they accidentally ingest a few loose strings. You should also make sure that any other curtains or fabrics on your windows are pet-safe as well.

You can use these same liners on window shades made of wood blinds. Simply place the shade on a piece of cardboard and tape the liner to both sides of it. You can use baby powder, talcum powder, or other preparations in order to keep the shades clean and free from dust.

People generally spend time cleaning dust off of their window shades. This will make your blinds look nice and clean. However, this is not a good idea because some pets are allergic to dust and will get irritated by having contact with it frequently. This will result in them itching, scratching, or even sneezing when they accidentally come into contact with dust that is present on your blinds.

These precautions should keep cats away from your home shades for several months if you follow them correctly. However, it is also important to remember that cats will start to get accustomed to these scents, and they will lose their effectiveness after several months of regular use.

If your cat has a habit of scratching the blinds, try using other tactics besides those discussed above in order to remove them.

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