How Do You Shingle A Porch Roof?

How Do You Shingle A Porch Roof?

How Do You Shingle A Porch Roof?

Shingle roofs are a type of roofing made of overlapping wooden boards that are typically nailed or glued together. They are less common in residential homes today, with most people opting for asphalt-based shingles.

However, pine wood shingles are still popular enough that they are relatively easy to find at a commercial hardware store and can make a good roof covering for a birdhouse.

Depending on the size of the birdhouse you wish to roof, you may need to trim the shingles down with a sharp utility knife before placing them.

Step 1

Using a jig saw, cut a piece of wood paneling or other thin wood to the size and form of the birdhouse roof. Paneling nails should be used to secure both sides of the roof along the tops of the birdhouse’s walls.

Step 2

With a sharp utility knife, cut a shingle in half vertically. Depending on the size of the birdhouse roof, you may need to cut the shingle in half again horizontally to generate four mini shingles from a single large one. If your roof is big, you may need to cut more than one shingle. With overlapping pieces, the smaller shingles will give the birdhouse roof a more realistic aspect.

Step 3

Using a ruler or measuring tape, determine the precise midway point along the bottom of the roof. With a pencil, mark the middle.

Step 4

Align the first little shingle with the center of the roof. Allow a tiny portion of the shingle to overhang from the bottom of the roof and secure it with a small amount of wood glue and two nails.

Step 5

Continue the shingle row around the bottom of the roof, working in both directions from the center to the edges. If a single shingle spans the whole width of the roof, go to Step 7.

Step 6

Line up the second layer of shingles one-half shingle to the left so that the seams of the first and second layers are staggered.

Step 7

Allow the shingles to overlap slightly and secure them with wood glue and two nails per shingle.

Step 8

Continue to stagger the shingles until you reach the peak of the roof.

Step 9

Rep the procedure on the other side of the roof, beginning at the lower center and working your way up.

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