How Do You Stop Window Putty From Cracking? 

How Do You Stop Window Putty From Cracking? 

How Do You Stop Window Putty From Cracking?

Never add paraffin to putty to speed up the drying time because it will crack sooner. Putty takes seven to fourteen days to dry. Allow it to completely dry before painting. Leave the putty unpainted for no more than 17 days.

Ordinary bathroom caulk (plastic) can crack in a matter of hours. In addition, caulk can be contaminated by mold and mildew, causing the putty to crack. It can also trap water vapor, which can also make the putty crack.

To prevent cracking, choose putty with primer or add a coat of polyurethane. Let the putty dry for at least seven days, then paint it if you want to paint it.  If you are painting over old putty, sand it lightly before you add primer and after it has dried.

Use a primer specially formulated for use on plaster or concrete. Wait until the primer has dried before making your final paint color selection and applying your paint coats. Each time you touch up the cracked putty, wait at least 10 days before touching it up again to allow the new paint to dry completely. Keep your windows shaded from direct sunlight.

To stop putty from cracking, use three layers of caulk (the first layer of putty must be fully dry before you apply the second and third layers). Apply the first layer about 1/4 inch thick.  The second and third layers should be no more than 1/8 inch thick.

It is best to apply caulk with a credit card so that each coat has ample time to dry. Don’t over-apply or you will get air pockets in your caulk joints. Allow four hours for each coat of caulk to dry before applying the next coat(s) of caulk on top.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Window Putty?

Adheres to a variety of surfaces including wood, glass, paints, PVC, galvanized iron, and others. Window Putty 685 cures by converting moisture in the air into an elastic material. Most water-based paints and some alkyd paints can be used to paint the putty.  

Polyurethane and epoxy paints do not work with Window Putty 685. In addition, oil-based paints do not adhere well to the putty. If you are going to paint your putty, ensure that you apply a primer first.

Stay away from latex paint. Although some brands of acrylic latex paint may be used on the putty, there are some issues with the use of this product including it peeling off and cracking. Putty is painted with oil-based paint, but be aware that oil-based paints can yellow due to exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

If you choose to use alkyd or acrylic latex paints, you should finish your window project before the putty cures so that it doesn’t make your final finish job look bad. Allow seven days for curing before applying a topcoat of finish paint.

Designers Choice Paint & Primer Triple Thick is a good paint to use with Window Putty 685. When painting over Window Putty, you should wait until the putty is completely dry and sand it lightly before you apply your first coat of primer.

Then allow at least twenty-four hours for your primer to dry (and for the putty to once again become workable).  To help repel water from the surface, you can add a second coat of topcoat once the primer has dried.

You can use Window Putty 685 as a base for decorative glazes or fill cracks in your walls before applying a new finish coat of paint.

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