How Much Does Ballistic Window Film Cost?

How Much Does Ballistic Window Film Cost?

How Much Does Ballistic Window Film Cost?

Ballistic window film will typically cost between $8 and $18 per square foot. This price includes materials, labor, shipping, and travel for the installation professionals. This price is based on the area that you want to be protected.

The cost of ballistic paneling for the average home is about $100, making it a very affordable option when compared to other home security systems. Homes that are located in high-risk areas may need more than one layer of security film in order to prevent break-ins and damage from storms, high winds, or tornadoes.

Individuals with families living in homes with second stories may want to consider this type of window film to protect their children from falls. This can range from $12 to $30 per square foot or more depending on what type of glass you have and how many layers are required for complete protection.

To get started with your ballistic protection, you will need to remove the plastic or paper backing that has been applied to your perforated film. This can be done using either a heat gun or simply by using a cloth and a pair of pliers.

It is important that Ballistic Window Film is not applied over any other type of security product, such as a video camera or exterior door lock. When these types of products are installed on top of the perforated film, they will prevent you from taking advantage of its ballistic capabilities.

The price of ballistic window film is dependent on the size and quantity of the order. However, there are some things that you can do to limit your spending when you’re shopping for ballistic window film:

Keep in mind that you can purchase a higher quality product for a lower price than a lower quality product if you compare prices.

Can I Use Water To Apply Window Film?

Yes. Wet the glass thoroughly with a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of liquid soap. Set the spray bottle to mist. Wetting the glass completely makes it easier to position the film and squeegee out air bubbles.

Try to avoid the use of a spray bottle that has a strong stream or you may pull up your thin, adhesive backing. Allow the glass to dry in the same location where it was placed.

Using a lighter, warm up the edge of the film that is adhered to your window. This will create a small air bubble and will help heat up the adhesive so it can adhere properly.

Move the warmed edge of the film along a few inches of your glass and pull out air bubbles as you go, using an upward motion with your hand or paper towel.

Force the film into place by pressing down on it at all four edges with your hands. You can also use a squeegee that you have purchased for this purpose to avoid additional bubbles in areas that are difficult for you to reach with your hands.

Ballistic window film offers top-of-the-line protection for your home. It also provides complete 2-way viewing of your home, so you can see anyone that may be attempting to break into your home.

Ballistic Window Film offers many benefits for its owners, but it does have its limitations as well. It’s not capable of stopping bullets from entering your home, so it will not work for areas where armed robbery is a risk or danger.

It also does not offer self-adjusting protection for glass breakage because the film cannot bend or stretch like flexible plastic does, leaving a gap between you and all intruders that may come through.

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