How to build a Container House

How to build a Container House

How to build a Container House

How to build a Container House; A Step by Step Guide.

  • Make your plan

First step is make your home plan including home design, budget and location. The standard container dimensions are 8’’x 20’’ and 8’’x 40’’. You normally need 2-4 of them to build a house. Make sure the house is certified for construction, every county has its own rules and regulations.

  • Buy Your Containers

There are many ways you can get container. You can buy it from your local place, especially for second hand container, make sure you have inspect it by you own eyes. You don’t know how they have used it before, check it and make sure your container is perfect and in good shape.

Make sure you have inquired several suppliers and compared the price.

  • Find an engineer

If you want any modifications to your container, you must consult an engineer. Removing walls from a shipping container will severely weaken the container structure and you need some steel beams to be welded into the container to make it safe and durable. Consult to an engineer and you will get a safe house.

  • Building Foundations

The foundation of a container home varies but there are two main factors you should consider your budget and the environment. You don’t want a foundation that’s unfit to your land condition which may cause your whole project failed. Judging the foundation by yourself is too risky, let the professional people work on it.

  • Connect Your Shipping Containers

You can rent a crane from the builders, this is easy and fast. There are a lot of ways to connect the shipping containers, including bolts, clamps and welding. But for the bolts and clamps unless you need to move your container home often. So let somebody else do the job for you if you are not willing to take the risk.

  • Reinforce Your Containers

You need a qualified engineer to help you with the reinforcement method. Don’t make the wrong order or you may face in danger.

  • Do some cuttings

Before this step, you may need a roof if you like. You can build any types of roof you like.

There are lots of ways to cut your windows and doors, including a plasma cutter, cutting torch, grinder, and even a jig saw. Plasma cutter can do all the work for you and it’s clean and neat.

  • Work on the container plywood floors

The shipping container floors are treated with pesticides to prevent insects during sea transportation, which could harm human beings. So it’s best for you to remove the container floors If you don’t do this step, it is cheaper, but if you want a peace mind, just do it. Meanwhile, for new containers which are entirely new, there are no need to do this.

  • Add doors and windows

After cutting the containers, here goes the door and windows. You can add whatever the style of doors and windows you like. Add a wood door frame first, then you can place your door. Make sure you have the frame fit your door size.

  • Power it up

After all the work, you can power your container home up now. It’s will cost you some time to build the power system, but it worth it and inexpensive.


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