What is a Maisonette | Bungalow vs Maisonette : Which one is the BEST for you

What is a Maisonette | Bungalow vs Maisonette : Which one is the BEST for you

What is a Maisonette | Bungalow vs Maisonette : Which one is the BEST for you

Bungalow vs Maisonette Houses.

What is a Maisonette / Mansion Meaning

A Maisonette is a British term for a self-contained living space or apartment. It is usually part of a larger house, extends over two stories, and has its own entrance.

What is a maisonette

4 Bedroom Maisonette

Mansion Meaning

The name maisonette originates from the French word “maison” (pronounced may-zon), which means “house” in English. A “maisonette” would be the diminutive, a small house or maisonette or considered as a house with 2-floor.

Usually, a maisonette stretches over at least two floors in a building with an internal staircase and it is often located on the top floor and in the loft area.

Most maisonette apartments “only” have two floors – duplex apartments are therefore also often talked about in this context.

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A Maisonette might also meet the definition of a condo, townhouse, or duplex.

Check the 4 Bedroom Maisonette below…

Bungalow Meaning

bungalow can be defined as a house that has only one level, and no stairs. The definition of the bungalow type of house varies in meanings across the world. but as compared to a maisonette, A bungalow often spread horizontally while a maisonette occupies vertical space.

Difference between Bungalow & Maisonette Houses

We often receive inquiries from clients asking the better option between a bungalow and a maisonette.  In terms of cost, the common assumption is that a maisonette is more expensive than a bungalow house. But is it true?

Apart from cost, there are other factors to consider including size of the land, security, individual preference, community regulations, etc

 What is the difference between a Bungalow and a Maisonette?

maisonette design

4 Bedroom Maisonette House

A bungalow is a residential house occupying one floor. A maisonette is a residential house that has two floors or levels.

A bungalow one would say spread horizontally while a maisonette spreads vertically.

Bungalow Vs Maisonette

4 Bedroom Bungalow

Here we highlight maisonette vs bungalow types of houses having the same plinth area or almost equal.

  • Foundation of the house

For maisonettes with the same plinth area on both floors, there will be savings on the foundation costs since it extends vertically and not horizontally, its foundation cost will be almost half that of a bungalow.

  • Roofing 

The maisonette will also have half the roof quantities compared to a bungalow type if the total plinth area is similar, hence reduces construction cost.

  • Suspended Slab on First Floor

Since the bungalow does not have an extra suspended slab at the top like a maisonette, you tend to save more on the bungalow.

  • Aesthetics

From a design perspective to construction maisonettes depict classiness, elegance, and sophistication compared to bungalows. Making maisonettes expensive than the same sized bungalow, increasing the house owner’s social status among their peers.

  • Security & Privacy

A maisonette owner has the advantage of maintaining privacy by using the upper floor for family use and the ground to entertain guests, unlike the bungalow. The maisonette also tends to be more secure than the bungalow because of fewer windows and doors on the ground floor. Many people tend to use the security door separating the upper and ground floors just in case of a security breach.

  • Labour Cost

Labor costs on maisonettes tend to be higher. This could be because of technical/structural knowledge required, longer time duration and stages to build, transportation of material from ground floor to the upper floor, etc…

  • Land Cost

With a small piece of land, the best house to set up is a maisonette because you will use less space compared to a bungalow that requires a large piece of land. When you have small land, the best option is to go for a maisonette so that you can leave some space for other usages such as parking, garden or compound. A bungalow will occupy a bigger space and will minimize the portions which could have been left for other needs.

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From a developer’s point of view, it’s difficult to pick the best for you from the two. It all comes down to personal preferences, design specifications, and location. What we can do best is to advise you based on your key preference and we are available to help you make the right decision in your homeownership journey.

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What Is Difference Between Maisonette And Flat?

A maisonette and a flat are both types of dwellings, but they have some key differences.

A maisonette is a type of apartment that is typically spread over two or more floors. It usually has its own entrance, and the living areas are usually separated from the bedrooms.

This type of dwelling usually has more space and privacy than a traditional flat, and often has outdoor space, such as a balcony or terrace.

Maisonettes are often found in older buildings, and they have a more traditional feel to them.

A flat, on the other hand, is a single level dwelling that is typically found in a multi-unit building. It usually has one entrance, shared with other flats in the building, and the living areas and bedrooms are usually in the same space.

Flats are typically smaller than maisonettes and offer less privacy. They are usually found in modern buildings and are often more affordable than maisonettes.

In summary, a maisonette is a multi-level apartment with a separate entrance and more privacy than a flat, while a flat is a single level apartment that is part of a larger building and typically has less space and privacy.

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