Is Solar Window Film Effective?

Is Solar Window Film Effective?

Is Solar Window Film Effective?

A solar control window film application will provide an immediate, cost-effective, and long-term solution. Solar reflective film blocks up to 99% of UV rays in some cases, but without reducing visible light to the naked eye.

Solar window film is effective in reducing the heat inside your home and your cooling costs. The cool shade made by solar window film can lower energy costs for air conditioning by up to 50% or more because there is less need to run the air conditioner!

In addition, with its ability to block 99% of UV rays, you will protect your furnishings, artwork, and even your family from harmful UV radiation, including harmful rays from the sun and from fluorescent lights.

The film allows the light to pass through and reflects away 90% of infrared light, so your home will be cooler than before, reducing energy bills. Again, using a solar-control window film is not necessary for you to lower your bills.

There are many applications where we need to block out all wavelengths of heat, heat plus infrared (heat) are two different things so they are different technologies. On the other side, there is a visible spectrum that cannot be blocked by thermal insulations, such as window films.

It is important to factor to understand that you must use a solar control window film and set the top temperature of your air conditioning to 23-24 degrees Fahrenheit. This is also known as the benchmark temperature.

While it may be possible to block 100% of UV rays, it is no longer necessary. Window films today are very effective in blocking 99% and even 94% of harmful UV rays, so you can comfortably enjoy the benefits of being protected from harmful radiation while still allowing light in.


Can Static Cling Window Film Be Removed?

Yes. Static clings are similar to vinyl decals in appearance, but they are much easier to remove, allowing you to swap and switch them around throughout your home, car, or office without spending any time removing them. They are as simple to apply as they are to remove.

The special resin formula used to produce Static Cling Window Film adheres to glass, plastic, metal, and other smooth surfaces. It will not damage paint or grout. The film is easy to clean off smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, or plastics without scratching.

Static cling is a great way of creating something very unique in your home. Warm the glass with a hair dryer or heat gun. This will make the film’s adhesive softer so it will be easier to peel off.

The method above works best for films that have been on for less than six months. After six months, you’ll want to use a razor blade scraper to remove specific parts of the film where it’s clinging together and then use a razor or scraper to remove the bigger portions of the film that are stuck onto the glass.

If your windows have silver or clear films, you can peel off any remaining bits after scraping them with an all-purpose cleaner and paper towels. To remove static cling window film from windows with tinted films, you’ll need to scrape the film with a razor or scraper and use an all-purpose cleaner and paper towels.

If you’re using static cling window film over painted glass, first use an all-purpose cleaner to make sure the paint is thoroughly removed before peeling off the film. If your windows are painted, be sure to remove any residue left on the glass from removing the paint before peeling off the static cling window film.

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