Is Thicker Window Film Better?

Is Thicker Window Film Better?

Is Thicker Window Film Better?

Yes. The thicker the film, in general, the more durable it is and the less likely it is to be broken, torn, or punctured. Thinner films are used more frequently for tinting or solar protection.

Here are some reasons why a thicker window film is better. First, it provides better insulation for your home. A thicker window film means that it will reduce the amount of heat loss from your home during the winter months and reduce the amount of heat gain in the summer months.

Second, it will also reduce noise that comes through windows. The thicker the window film, the better it will block outside noise. For example, if you have neighbors that play music or loud TV shows during the night at a high volume, you can use a thick window film to help deaden those noises so you can sleep better at night.

A thick window film can also be used in your bathroom or shower where you may have steam from showers, hot water, or steam from the laundry that is coming into your home. A thicker window film will help keep all of the humidity inside the shower and away from other windows in your home.

If you want to reduce noise not only coming into your home but also going out through your windows, look for a window film with a high solar heat rejection rate or SHR. The higher this number is, the better it will be at blocking heat and keeping it out of your home.

A window film with an SHR of 75 or higher will help you keep your home cooler in the summer months and reduce the amount of heat you need to buy for your home in the winter months.

What Is Smart Window Film?

Smart Film or Smart Glass, also known as Switchable Glass or Privacy Glass, is a novel solution for On-Demand Privacy. When no power is applied to the Smart Glass, it changes from opaque (milky-white) to transparent (ON State).

This reduces the amount of energy lost through the windows when compared to other window treatments. Smart window film can also reduce glare and help save on heating and cooling costs by reflecting UV rays away from your property while still allowing natural light in through your windows.

Also, with no chemical additives, it is free of dust and debris. Smart window film is a great choice for anyone who wants to save money on their utility bills.

This type of window film helps reflect heat away from your windows and reduce glare inside your home, which keeps your living space cooler in the summer months as well as reducing warmth from heat sources in the winter months.

Smart window film also reflects UV rays away from the glass while still allowing natural light to pass through so you can still enjoy sunsets and sunrise when they happen outside. Smart window film is also gray in color, making it difficult to view but providing a darker background for artwork or room decorations.

Smart window film can be placed on any type of glass in your home, including shower doors, mirrors, storefront windows, and more. The smart window film comes in a kit of multiple sizes that will cover just about any type of glass application you would like to add it to.

Smart window film can be used on one-by-one windows or on multiple windows in your home at once. It is also available as frosted or non-frosted, depending on what look fits best with your décor.

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