9 Main Lava Stone Countertops Pros and Cons | Lava Stone Countertops Benefits & Cost

9 Main Lava Stone Countertops Pros and Cons | Lava Stone Countertops Benefits & Cost

Lava Stone Countertops Pros and Cons | Lava Stone Countertops Benefits & Cost

Lava Stone Countertops

What is Lava Stone?

Lava refers to either the molten lava erupted by a volcano during an eruption and the resultant rock following solidification and cooling.

This formation cools and solidifies more faster than intrusive igneous rocks, which are created by magma cooling and solidifying within the Earth’s crust.

Lava stone is a natural volcanic rock that is mined, carved into slabs, glazed with enamel, and burned at extremely high temperatures. That manner, lava stone may be formed into a variety of forms and items.

Surfaces for lava stone cooking are quite popular because lava stones maintain heat without the risk of being exposed to an open flame

It is also in high demand in interior design and jewelry production because to its cleaning and healing properties.

Lava Stone Countertops

Lava stone is a 100 percent natural volcanic stone with several applications in the high-end architectural and interior design industries.

Lava stone’s compactness, graphic and chromatic patterning carry valuable remnants of volcanic magma; they are a natural legacy that may be improved with custom treatments.

Lava rock, with its beautiful volcanic textures, is the perfect design material since its surface can be tinted by glazing at high temperatures.

Most notably, lava stone may not only be colored but also embellished with unique effects and patterns, ranging from mosaic tiles to magnificent uses such as bar and kitchen countertops to tabletops.

Lava Stone Countertops Pros and Cons

Pros of Lava Stone Countertops

  1. Very Durable:

Lava stone is very durable. It forms a resistant surface to various chemicals and liquids even when exposed to temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It also does not absorb flavors, odors or stains.

  1. Heat Resistant:

Lava stones provide heat resistant surfaces for cooking and bar stools. They are easy to clean and maintenance-free. In addition, they resist heat from electric appliances such as stoves, ovens and dishwashers.

  1. High strength:

Lava stone has high compressive strength and is able to withstand the pressure of weight on it.

  1. Easy Installation:

Lava is easy to cut and install. Lava stone countertops usually come with a template that helps in placing the stones with relative accuracy.

  1. Non-toxic:

Lava stone countertops are non-toxic and they do not pose any toxic materials even with continuous contact and daily use for a long time.

Cons of Lava Countertops

  1. Very time-consuming:

It is a long and tedious process to make a piece of lava stone countertop for use in the kitchen. It takes about an hour for one person to make two inches of stone.

  1. Difficult to cut:

Lava stone is very hard to slice with a blade, so it has to be polished before it can be used for countertops.

  1. Very expensive:

Lava stone countertops are very expensive. Expect to pay 2-3 times the price of granite, quartz, or even marble. However, lava stone will last for a very long time.

  1. Difficulty to repair:

Another significant downside of lava stone countertops is that they may be exceedingly difficult to repair.

These countertops are frequently composed of a single or many huge pieces, which means that if they are broken, a major section or your entire countertop will have to be replaced.

While the excellent durability of lava stone countertops makes this a remote possibility, it is worth considering.

In regards to pricing, it depends on the custom sizes that you require. It is a fairly new product in the marketplace and so the price fluctuates a lot, because of this fact it can be very hard to decide whether or not lava stone is going to suit your needs.

How is Lavastone Countertops Extracted?

These worktops are essentially constructed of lava stone mined from old volcano eruption sites.

The majority of lava stone countertops now produced come from craters in Auvergne, France, but more sources are being found as demand for these bathroom and kitchen worktops.

Once mined, the stone is custom-cut for each unique order. The lava stone countertop is then coated with enamel at temperatures above 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit (1000 Celsius).

The glazing employed gives it an extremely smooth, non-porous, water-resistant surface.

Small fractures in the glazing emerge when the countertop cools. They are generally known as crazing, and they give each countertop an entirely distinct appearance.

What is the disadvantage of lava countertops?

The major disadvantage of lava countertops is their high cost. Most cost between $250 and $300 per square foot, greatly outstripping more expensive countertop materials like granite and marble.

Because all lava stone used today is imported, shipping accounts for a considerable portion of the cost.

Another consideration is that lava countertops cannot be easily resurfaced. They are easily a 50-year countertop, so be sure you love the color you pick.

Is Lava Stone durable?

Yes, absolutely! It is resistant to heat and chemicals. It is durable and will last a long time. Lava stone can be compared to granite with respect to durability.

Lava stone has a natural capacity to disperse heat well, thus hot pans may be put directly on the surface without causing harm.

Extremely long-lasting. The firing process produces a very hard surface that is resistant to corrosive substances and UV radiation without fading.

Does Lava Stone need maintenance?

There is no much maintenance on a lava stone countertop like other natural stones. These countertops do not have pores so it does not absorb liquids or stains.

The only maintenance you will have to perform is a light cleaning with a mildly moist cloth and some dish soap if necessary.

What are the benefits of lava stone?

One of the benefits are that they are low maintenance, easy to care for, very durable and easy to clean. They are very resistant to stains and marks.

The durability of the lava stone countertops is exceptional, which is why they make an excellent choice for kitchen countertops or outdoor living areas.

The appearance of the lava stone countertops makes them an attractive choice in your home despite their high price tag.

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