13 Main Louvre Windows Pros and Cons | Are Louvre Windows Secure?

13 Main Louvre Windows Pros and Cons | Are Louvre Windows Secure?

Louvre Windows Pros and Cons | Are Louvre Windows Secure?

Louvre Windows

A louver or louvre is a type of window blind or shutter that has horizontal slats that are slanted to let in light and air while keeping out rain and direct sunlight. The slat angle might be adjustable, as in blinds and windows, or fixed.

Louvers were invented in the Middle Ages as lantern-like wooden structures that were installed on top of roof openings in big kitchens to enable ventilation while keeping rain and snow out.

Originally, these were relatively simple constructions consisting only of a barrel.

Later, they evolved into more intricate patterns made of clay, adopting the shape of faces with smoke and steam pouring out from the eyes and mouth, or into constructions more like to contemporary louvers, with slats that could be opened and closed by pulling on a rope.

Modern louvers are frequently constructed of aluminum, metal, wood, or glass. They can be opened and shut using a metal lever, pulleys, or motorized operators.

Louvre Windows are types of windows that are used in many different types of architecture. They are an alternative to the standard “vertical sliding sash” design.

What makes these windows so popular is that when they are closed, they almost look like part of the wall. This really reduces noise pollution and also lowers cooling costs because less air will flow through the window when it’s closed.

When they are open, the windows will allow fresh air into the rooms, which improves the indoor climate. The windows can also be opened collectively to cool several rooms at once.

Additionally, many experts say that, because of their unique design, the Louvre Windows significantly increase the safety of occupants in high-rise buildings.

This is because when they are closed (in which case they act like normal windows), people would not be able to fall out of them if they were to fall or be injured.

When they’re open, the experts say that they reduce the chance of a person falling out a window because it is harder for people to fall onto the glass, as opposed to falling through it.

This makes them perfect for people who have small children or pets who could potentially fall out an open window.

Louvre Windows are designed to be as breathable as possible while keeping out any unwanted pests such as termites and mosquitoes.

They also help cut down on energy loss and provide insulation.

This can reduce the amount of energy needed to keep the home at an optimal temperature, which will cut down on power consumption, thus helping to save money

. This is why they are often found in hotels, where overall energy consumption is very important.

Louvre Windows also provide a great deal of natural lighting. This can help to reduce or even eliminate your need for electric lamps every day, which again helps to cut down on energy consumption and saves money.

Louvre windows are also often used in high-rise buildings where it is important to keep occupants safe from falling out of open windows.

In this case, the louvre windows provide a great deal of security because they cannot be opened from the outside, so even if a person were to fall from an open window, they could not fall out.

Pros and Cons of Louvre Windows

Pros of Louvre Windows

1. Louvre windows provide ventilation:

Louvre windows can be used as a ventilation system.  Louvre windows can be used to ventilate above-ground areas, such as the courtyard and courtyard roof and upper and lower courtyards.

The main purpose of Louvre windows is to allow air to circulate through them. They are not designed to serve as a window but rather as an opening in the wall for this purpose.

The windows are large enough so that air does not accumulate, and they always have ventilation holes on their top edges, which serve the same function as the screen openings at the side.

Provide natural lighting by opening or closing these windows, an individual can control how much sunlight comes into their space

2. Louvre windows can be used in natural lighting:

Windows positioned at lower levels than the main floor help reduce glare and provide more light during night hours. Windows positioned at the rear of the facade provide natural lighting.

3. Louvre windows can be used to create a focal point:

Adding a window to a wall increases the importance of the location by making it a part of a larger composition. This allows visitors to “frame” or hold the view of the view in front of them.

4. Louvre windows can double as a privacy screen:

Louvre windows can be placed as a screen between floors. They also provide privacy by screening the view from one room to another.

5.  Louvre windows allow for a visual connection with the outside world:

Louvre windows allow people to see out of their windows without having to close them, which they are able to do when using blinds or curtains.  Louvre windows provide the functionality of blinds at a fraction of the cost.

The benefit of having louvre window is that it looks great from outside, easy to match with decor

6.  Provide noise reduction:

The sound from outside is decreased due to the walls of these windows being made of glass which is very thick and does not transmit sound very well.

7.  Provide easy access to a fire extinguisher:

In a case of fire, a museum worker can easily reach a fire extinguisher in order for it to be used.

8. Louvre windows are aesthetically pleasing:

By opening or closing these windows, an individual can control how much sunlight comes into their space and how much sound is heard from outside. Louvre panels are hinged, accordion shaped window treatments that have two hinges angled on the same side of the window.

9. Louvre windows are cost effective.

They can be installed in a shorter time and require less labor than single hung windows with shades and no bottom sash.

10. Louvre windows are easy to clean.

Blinds don’t get dirt between the slats, they can be removed in seconds for cleaning, and there is no debris on the window sill to collect dust and dirt over time.

Cons of Louvre Windows

1. Louvre windows do not perform well in the winter:

Because it does provide natural light but also allows heat to escape, these windows do poorly in winter.

2. Louvre windows are not airtight

Louvre windows are not as airtight as single hung windows; therefore, the risk of insect infestation is increased because they are usually installed in older buildings that might have been built without proper ventilation or building code changes that could be made to support this feature.

3.  Louvre windows may allow in noise from outside:

The glass and louvre fabric walls and roofs allow sound to travel through them.

4. Louvre windows requires more ventilation than single hung windows:

The air movement is much lower than single-hung windows due to these walls being made of glass and very thin louvre fabric, which can also allow for children to become stuck in the opening as they play.

5.  Louvre windows are difficult to maintained.

Louvre windows can be difficult to clean and maintain compared to other window treatments such as blinds, roller shades, or curtains.

Louvre Windows FAQs

What are Louvre Windows?

Windows are constructed with a metal or wood frame and glass slats. The holes are built into the frame and resemble venetian blinds.

They open by cranking or pulling on a handle. Louvre windows can be fitted as regular windows as well as within a door frame.

Are louvre windows secure?

Louvre windows are made out of glass blades that are mounted in aluminum or plastic frames. Glass in aluminum frames is frequently loose, and the metal may be readily twisted to free the glass.

Although the plastic-framed version is more secure, the glass blades may be broken and taken out. As a result, this sort of window poses a severe security risk and must be protected.

Louvre windows are great at letting in natural light, but they can also be vulnerable to intruders.

When designing a new home or business, it is important to make sure the property has enough security measures installed on exterior walls.

This includes installing more than one type of window coverings like metal grilles and bars.


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