15 Main Aluminum Windows Pros and Cons | 6 Different Types of Aluminium Windows

15 Main Aluminum Windows Pros and Cons | 6 Different Types of Aluminium Windows

Aluminum Windows Pros and Cons | Different Types of Aluminium Windows | Aluminium Windows Cost | Aluminium Windows Vs uPVC

What is Aluminum?

Aluminium is a silvery-white metal and the 13th element in the periodic table. One startling statistic about aluminum is that it is the most common metal on the planet, accounting for more than 8% of the Earth’s core mass.

It is also the third most prevalent chemical element on Earth, behind oxygen and silicon.

Aluminium possesses a unique set of useful characteristics.

It is one of the lightest metals in the world, almost three times lighter than iron, yet it is also highly strong.

It is extremely flexible, and corrosion resistant due to its surface being always coated with an extremely thin but extremely strong layer of oxide coating.

It is not magnetic, is a good conductor of electricity, and may be alloyed with almost any other metal.

Aluminium’s malleability and flexibility are perhaps the most fundamental reasons for its widespread usage as a window material.

Because of its malleability, aluminium can be extruded into complex cross sections, which are specially designed to facilitate the structuring of the window.

Aluminum Windows

Window frames have traditionally been made of timber but aluminium frames are becoming more and more common, especially in new build homes. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that aluminium is a very efficient material to use for windows.

Aluminum windows have the advantage of being lightweight, easy to install, and maintain. These features can save you money during construction and help you save energy.

It is important to note that aluminum windows don’t have any special warranty or guarantee protection from manufacturers so they can be a little more expensive than other types of windows.

In addition, the frames are sold pre-painted but this paint will eventually wear off which means it may not look as nice as it once was.

For this reason, it may be best to look for a company that offers an extended paint warranty to protect against the fading of the aluminum coating.

Finally, you will need to make sure you look at other components like handles or locks because these are generally made of other types of materials like plastic or brass which can be more expensive than aluminum.

But overall, aluminum windows are a great option for homeowners looking for an affordable window replacement option.

Aluminum is very easy to maintain, it does not rust and you don’t need to do anything except clean the windows regularly to keep them looking great.

Aluminum takes less care than wood, and most of today’s choices have a factory-backed or anodized finish, so you don’t have to worry about corroding.

Some homeowners want to know how often they should clean their windows.

Different Types of Aluminium Windows

There are many different types of aluminum window available in the market today. The choice of a window type can be a bit confusing for homeowners. Window frames made of aluminium square tubes are growing in popularity, because they are strong and lightweight

There are pros and cons to each type of aluminum replacement windows. Choosing the right type to match your home will have a big impact on its value and energy efficiency rating.

1. Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminum casement windows are great for those whose homes are at an angle where the air blows.

You won’t have to worry about the air entering your home with these windows. Aluminium Casement Windows have side hinges and crank outwards.

As a result, you may open them at an angle to allow mild breezes to enter your home. They are more secure since the casement locks are integrated in the frame and have a hook form.

2. Sliding Casement Windows

Aluminium Sliding Windows can be opened and closed by sliding them from one side to the other.

Aluminium Sliding Windows are one of the most popular types of aluminium windows you will notice.

Sliding Casement Windows are great for those who have a level or higher floor. They are more secure since the casement locks are integrated in the frame and have a hook form.

3. Aluminium Double Hung Windows

Aluminium double-hung windows are best for homes with lower ceilings to allow air circulation through your home.

These windows will not let any air or light pass through them, so you can use it for privacy.

It is also similar to the sliding windows except that it allows both light and air passage simultaneously. These have two sashes, one for daylight and another for privacy.

Aluminium double hung windows are more expensive than the other aluminium replacement windows. The frames are strengthened with additional brackets to provide additional support even with the weight of the glass.

The advantage of aluminium double hung windows are that they have a larger opening area, adjusted less susceptible to heat.

It is more secure since the casement locks are integrated in the frame and have a hook form.

4. Tilt and Turn Opening Aluminium Windows

Tilt and turn windows are among the most adaptable and handy types of windows.

They feature two opening choices and are controlled by a multi-functional handle. One example is a window that tilts inwards from the bottom for ventilation.

Then, by closing the window and twisting the handle in the other direction, the complete opening portion is able to swing into the room.

The first advantage is that the outer pane of glass may be cleaned from the outside. The other advantage is that it allows for bigger opening vents than side or top hung windows.

This type of window has one sash that pivots to open horizontally. It can be opened from the top or bottom.

The tilt and turn opening aluminium windows are mainly used for rooms with low ceiling where ventilation is necessary.

It is very similar to the sliding casement windows except that it can be opened vertically.

5. Aluminium Bi-Fold Windows

Aluminium bi-fold windows are less common than other types of aluminium replacement windows except in some French style homes.

They can be opened vertically or horizontally and fold out and into the wall for storage. They are mainly used in homes with a high ceiling to allow air circulation inside the home.

Aluminium bi-fold windows are more secure since the casement locks are integrated in the frame and have a hook form.

6. Aluminium Picture Windows

Aluminium picture windows is a special type of window that is used when homeowners want to maximize the view outside of their home while maintaining a certain level of privacy.

Aluminium picture windows are available in many sizes. Along with horizontal, almost all sizes are available to vertical; this makes it possible to make the most of the views outside of your home while still protecting your privacy.

The double-hung window is also available in aluminium picture windows. This type of window can be opened either horizontally or vertically.

The sash can open inward (such as for ventilation), or outward (for light). It has a pivot that allows you to open the sash either up or down.

Aluminum Windows Vs Wooden Windows

Aluminum windows are a popular choice for both home and commercial buildings, due to their durability.

Unlike wood, aluminum does not rot or warp over time which makes it an ideal material for homes in humid climates.

Aluminum is also more energy-efficient than other materials because it can block out up to 66% of the sun’s heat. This means that you’ll be able to save on your monthly utility bills!

Benefits of Aluminum Windows:

– Durability; Won’t Rot or Warp Over Time

– More Energy Efficient Than Other Materials; Blocks Out Up To 66% Of the Sun’s Heat

– Cost Effective

Wooden windows are a great choice for many homeowners because they come in a variety of styles and colors, but not everyone knows that aluminum is actually a better material.

Aluminum has been shown to be more durable than wood when it comes to external factors such as weathering, which can cause expensive damage if left untreated.

In addition, the strength of aluminum makes these types of windows resistant to break-ins from burglars looking for easy access into your home.

Finally, aluminum windows are much easier to clean and maintain than their wooden counterparts. If you’re looking for an attractive window that will stand up against tough environmental conditions or potential intruders, then consider aluminum!

Aluminum Windows Pros and Cons

Aluminum Windows Pros

1. Low maintenance:

Aluminum is very easy to maintain, it does not rust and you don’t need to do anything except clean the windows regularly to keep them looking great.

Aluminum takes less care than wood, and most of today’s choices have a factory-backed or anodized finish, so you don’t have to worry about corroding.

2. Low running costs:

Aluminum windows are much cheaper than other types of windows and will pay for themselves very quickly as they last for such a long time.

The cost of upkeep, energy bills and repairs are much lower than with other types of windows.

3. Soundproofing/Thermal Efficiency:

Aluminum is an excellent noise barrier; it blocks outside sound very well. You can barely hear the air conditioning unit running on the opposite side of the room or hear the neighbors TV through the walls if you have aluminum windows on your home.

4. Environmentally friendly:

Aluminum is the most recyclable window material available and helps reduce waste in landfills. Tops and frames can be recycled.

5. Aluminum adds value to your home:

Aluminum windows add curb appeal and value to your home. It gives it a modern look and makes your house stand out from the others in the neighborhood.

Aluminum windows look good and last a long time, so they will always be a nice addition to any home or commercial building.

6. Durability:

Aluminum is tough and durable and will last for years to come, in fact it can run up to 50 years with no problems in some cases if well maintained.

7. Easy Installation:

Aluminum windows are very easy to install, you don’t need any special tools or skills and can install them yourself without spending much time on it.

Compared to other types of home windows aluminum is much cheaper and easy to install.

8. Flexibility:

Aluminum windows are very flexible, they can be installed in almost any room of your home.

Aluminum is lighter and stronger than other materials, making it easier to install properly. It is more robust and will last longer than standard vinyl choices.

9. Safety:

Aluminum windows are heavy, soundproofing and thermal efficiency make them very safe. If you have an aluminum window installed on your home you will feel completely safe.

10. Aluminum-framed windows are available in different styles, types, or colors:

Aluminum windows can be found in all kinds of styles, colors and materials. They are available to fit almost any type of home décor.

Aluminum Windows Cons

1. Aluminum windows are expensive than uPVC:

The cost of aluminum windows is much higher than other options. But, they last for many years.

2. Aluminum windows can corrode:

Though aluminum is regarded to be highly robust, every type of construction material has at least one flaw. Corrosion is the culprit.

Corrosion is accelerated when metal is exposed to salt in the air or water. Aluminum, like any other metal, has difficulty with salt resistance.

3. Poor insulator:

Aluminum has the highest R-value of any window material yet it is not as effective in insulating airflow as other materials such as double-pane glass or fiberglass.

Aluminum is the least “green” of all window kinds in an era when energy efficiency is extremely essential for households.

Although new technologies such as built-in thermal breaks are attempting to solve the problem, it is doubtful that aluminum will ever be as excellent as vinyl or fiberglass in this aspect.

While it is not a problem in mild to warm regions, aluminum is not recommended in areas with harsh winters.

4. Aluminum windows are difficult to repair:

Aluminum is a very difficult window to repair. If aluminum breaks or gets damaged, it can be welded, which can be extremely costly.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Aluminum Windows

1. Security:

You should not make any compromises when it comes to the safety and security of your house.

While aluminum frames are incredibly robust and durable, it is still a good idea to ensure that the frame you choose satisfies the industry requirements.

Additionally, look for features such as numerous lock points, doubled or toughened glass, and grills on the frame or on the sill that help to the house’s security.

2. Ease of Maintenance:

Aluminium window frames are easy to maintain. You can use detergent, any petroleum-based cleaning solvent or even newspaper or a soft cloth to clean the frames. Therefore, you do not have to invest much time and energy in maintaining them.

3. Durability:

Aluminium is a much stronger material compared to other types of construction materials like wood or vinyl that are typically used for window frames.

The durability of aluminium makes it an extremely good choice for people who are looking for flexibility in design as well as durability in performance.

4. Energy efficiency:

Aluminium is a very efficient window material. It is one of the top choices for window frame replacement in terms of energy consumption.

Aluminum frames are manufactured with double glazing and thermal breaks, which significantly reduce the amount of heat that gets into the home as well as reduce heating bills.

Using aluminum as a construction material also helps to save on greenhouse gas emissions, as aluminium is one of the greenest building materials available today.

5. Budget:

Aluminium windows are very cost effective. They are extremely cheap to buy. They are also very easy to install for DIY’ers, as they are quite simple to install on your own.

Aluminum windows provide great value for money. Since aluminium is more expensive than other types of construction materials, the quality of the aluminum is super high.

Aluminum frames can last up to 50 years if well maintained and look great for that long!

6. Style of the Window:

Aluminum is available in almost every style available. They are available in different colours, textures and designs, making them extremely versatile.

7. Aesthetics:

Aluminum frames are available in different styles. They are available in attractive designs and styles that make your home more desirable and beautiful.

8. Design:

Aluminum is another material that can be used for window frame replacement to give your house a new look.

With the presence of different materials, designs, textures, colors and forms of aluminum, you have ample choices to create a pleasing design that suits the style of your house or business property.

Aluminum Windows FAQs

Are aluminum windows better than uPVC?

Aluminum windows are more energy efficient, quieter, harder to break into, lighter in weight than uPVCs.

Aluminum windows are however more expensive than uPVC because there are manufacturing costs for aluminum products.

They are also recyclable which makes them environmentally friendly.

Aluminum is more durable than uPVC. Because of the strength of the frames, aluminum windows can have a thinner look and a greater glass surface area.

Because powder-coated aluminum is incredibly robust, any finish you pick will last a very long time.

How long will aluminum windows last?

Aluminum windows are very durable. Aluminum windows have a typical lifespan of 40 to 50 years.

The issue with aluminum is that it is easily damaged.

If you live in a region prone to severe weather, such as hurricanes or hailstorms, your aluminum windows may need to be replaced more frequently than the norm.

They last over years and the frames won’t need to be replaced often. It is however important to keep up with cleaning and maintenance.

What type of aluminum windows are best?

Aluminum framed windows are widely available. They come in many different textures, colors, shapes and prices.

There are also custom aluminium window frames that allow for different effects depending on the design of the window frame. It is important to hire a professional installer to get a well-built window.

What are the benefits of aluminum windows?

Aluminum is energy efficient, hardly ever rusts and is more secure than uPVCs.

Aluminium framed windows are also great for any climate because they will keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Aluminum frames are also light which makes it easy to open and close them.

What are some advantages of aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows are a great option for homeowners looking to replace their aging windows. They offer many benefits including energy efficiency, durability, and affordability.

Aluminum has been used as a material in construction for years because of its ability to resist corrosion from the elements.

Aluminum is also lightweight which makes it easy to install and maintain since they can be easily lifted by one person on site without assistance from others.

Plus, aluminum is affordable so you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget when replacing old windows at home with new ones that will last longer than ever.

Aluminum windows are a great option for homes because they are affordable, durable, and energy efficient.

These windows can be installed much more quickly than other types of home windows which is an important consideration when you have to live in your house during the installation process.

Aluminum also has the advantage of being resistant to corrosion which makes it good for coastal areas that see moisture on a regular basis.

Another key feature of aluminum window frames is how easy they are to maintain. You can clean them with just soap and water or use products like Windex if you prefer something stronger.

This means you don’t need any special tools or equipment to keep your new window sparkling clean!

Aluminum frames last longer than other materials like wood or vinyl so they are well suited for use in high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and even utility rooms.

What is the cost of aluminum windows?

The cost is dependent on the builders and the builder’s requirements. The following factors all contribute to the final installation cost:

  • The labor costs,
  • The type of Aluminium material being used,
  • And the complexity of the one’s building style.

A typical range of a simple installation of aluminum window installation costs can range from $350 to $1,300 per window for higher-grade windows.

The overall cost will be determined by the brand of aluminum replacement windows you install, the typical labor cost in your region (generally approximately $45 per hour), and the style of window you install in your home.

What are some advantages of aluminum windows over wood?

There are many advantages of aluminum windows over wood. Some of these include: longer lasting, lower maintenance costs, and less harmful to the environment.

What are some pros of aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows have numerous advantages. They include:

  • Better noise control—this is why they are the preferred option for hospitals and schools.
  • Moisture resistance—If you live in a wet or damp location, this feature makes them an excellent choice.
  • Economical—They are less costly than other types of windows and are among the cheapest to produce.
  • Low upkeep—They do not need a lot of maintenance.
  • Durability—Aluminum windows are extremely durable.
  • Lightweight—These windows are lighter than the majority of others.

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