Machakos County Building Approvals

Machakos County Building Approvals

Machakos County Building Approvals

 Machakos County Building Approvals; Building plan Approvals Process.

Before implementing your project, you are required to seek permission from the relevant approving authorities in Mavoko sub county, Machakos county.

These are the key requirements for approvals

  • Certified drawings -at least 5 copies  (Architectural & Structural drawings certified by architect and structural engineer)
  • Survey plan from Survey of Kenya. One is to visit the Survey of Kenya offices in the ministry of land departments to obtain a survey plan. A survey plan from Survey of Kenya is a required document when applying for a building permit.
  • Search certificate. This is obtain at the Lands office in Machakos. It should be noted that not all these approving bodies will necessarily approve your project.
  • Ownership documents (Title copy,ID etc)
  • Land Rates clearance certificate( Mavoko  sub county land rates )
  • Change of User (for Commercial & Apartments)

Approval of Building Plans in Kenya

Submission Process

After submission, the maximum approval period is about 21 days to allow for the town planners deliberations and meetings which are normally done fortnightly.

The town planners also carry out site visits to ascertain and authenticate the submitted documents as well as confirm the land particulars with the NLC.

Building permit fee is based on the size of the building. The fees are as follows:

  1. Building plan approval fee
  2. Occupation certificate
  3. Application fee
  4. Construction sign board fee

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