Tips for proper metal roof installation

Tips for proper metal roof installation

Tips for proper metal roof installation

Consider Compatibility

It’s important that the chosen metal roofing adhesive is chemically compatible with the roof’s surface components.

metal roof installation

Incompatibility could compromise the roof’s weather-right integrity, causing performance, durability and longevity issues.
Conduct Long-Term Evaluations
Long-term evaluation could reveal performance concerns that would otherwise go unnoticed.
For example, when under stress or tension, the adhesive might yield to the force or fail and compromise the weather seal. A long-term evaluation can avoid this upfront.
Understand Roof Penetrations
Penetrations are likely areas where metal roofs can be compromised, letting in air and moisture. Penetrations include:
Vent pipes
It’s important to ensure adhesives are properly applied around all roof penetrations during installation for sufficient weather sealing.
Consider Full Roof System Testing
It’s also a good idea to ensure the entire roofing system can perform in extreme weather conditions to reduce damage and injury potential.
To address this, some of today’s building codes are incorporating specific weather requirements, especially with regards to wind uplift, and are pre-qualifying roof systems.
Use Manufacturer-Recommended Products
Using adhesives recommended by the manufacturer aids in successful metal roofing system installation, ensuring material compatibility, enhanced roof longevity and performance.

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